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Reflexology is a hands-on massage based therapy that works on the principle that there are pressure points on the feet and hands that correspond to all organs, glands and other parts of the body.

By stimulating these reflexes with the thumb and forefingers, the touch and pressure receptors of the nervous system transfer the sensation to the receptive areas of the body.

The reflex points are energy junctions that relay and reinforce energy along meridian lines of the body, passing energy toward the organs and the nervous system.

A series of chemical messengers in the brain, chemically very similar to the drug morphine, called endorphins and have the same effects as morphine in suppressing pain.

  A number of these substances, all rather similar chemically, have now been discovered. They are known to have a calming or even euphoric effect, producing optimism and joy, according to their chemical structure and the part of the brain involved.

A Canadian scientist, Professor Pomeranz of Toronto, made the discovery, which of course Chinese practitioners have known for centuries, that acupuncture liberated these very endorphins.

REFLEXOLOGY accomplishes the same effect using pressure instead of needles.

This activates the body's own natural healing system by restoring the body to its natural balance, enabling it to heal itself, improve circulation, rejuvenate those with low energy and relax the whole body.





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