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Prevention of Cancers

alternatives treatment of autoimmune disease e-book Guide to Prevention of Cancer

Almost as important as specific cancer-fighting therapies is the creation of healthy living conditions, and in particular, avoiding or minimizing the many negative and harmful influences on our health caused by modern living.The main negative influences at present are chemical pollution, electromagnetic pollution and radiation. Not only our food and water are heavily polluted with chemicals but city air commonly is equally unhealthy. It is especially bad in industrialized areas, close to heavy traffic, and in modern houses with many synthetics and plastics.

If you live in a modern house, try to sanitize it by minimizing the use of synthetic items that release chemicals, such as formaldehyde from glue in carpets, chipboard or plywood. Avoid solvents, smelling household cleaners and disinfectants, tobacco smoke, mothballs and insect sprays. If the outside air is reasonably clean, good ventilation helps to minimize the problem.

If you live in an area with much outside air pollution, you may try to live away from home during the critical period, possibly with friends or relatives, and best in green surroundings. A health farm would be excellent but unfortunately few are geared for clients on low budgets.

Avoid or minimize wearing a bra, synthetic clothing and even heavily chemicalized wool or cotton material (e.g. permanent press). Women who used to wear a bra 24 hours a day had a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer, compared to a 1 in 168 chance for women who never or rarely wore bras

The only good mattresses are futons that are filled with natural fibers. Most recommended is a latex mattress. A cheap alternative is straw or hay from a pesticide-free source. An innerspring mattress should only be used if it does not deflect the needle of a compass moved across it close to the surface. Commonly, only older mattresses are suitable. Do not use steel-framed beds, steel-spring frames and move the bed if there are metal beams or live wires in the wall behind the bed. Steel tends to become inappropriately magnetized and carries strong induction currents.

Furthermore, sleep in total darkness, or alternatively cover your eyes during sleep. Cancer protective melatonin is released in normal amounts only when we sleep in darkness. Profoundly blind women have up to 70% less breast cancer than women with normal sight. Profoundly blind men have less cancer of the colon, lungs, prostate, skin and stomach. However, simple vision impairment does not reduce cancer rates, only if there is no sensitivity to light at all.


Sunshine can be beneficial or harmful depending on the type, time and amount of exposure. living in a sunny area is associated with lower cancer rates. Even skin cancer is inhibited by regular low-level sun exposure; only sunburn is a strong skin cancer promoter. It has been suggested that approximately 30,000 U.S. cancer deaths yearly would be averted by the widespread public adoption of regular, moderate sunning.

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