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9. What is the dose of the IVIG ?

IVIg for autoimmune disease the dose of 2 grams per kilogram is divided into five smaller doses of 400mg/kg, then this smaller dose is infused daily for 5 days. This is followed by a monthly IVIg infusion of 1 Gram/kg. Patients who have side effects can take the IVIg treatment on alternate days. It is recommended that young women take IVIg on alternate days or subcutaneous. The least side effects seen were in Makkah Saudia Arabia they used IVIg infusion alternating with a steroid infusion and no side effects were seen by us.

10. What are the differences in brands of IVIG?

There are many brands of IVIg ,old ones used to cause strokes, Kidney failure have been phased out. The new brands are safe they do not cause any infections like Aids or hepatitis , sugar free brands are avaliable for diabetics  Generally the difference between brands of IVIg is in the amount of IgA content and also if the IVIg contains sucrose, glucose or some other sugar . Some IVIg products have Glycine while another one has no preservatives.
Different IVIg products match different patients. In general all the products work about the same. Some IVIg products have a 5% concentration others can be made 10%. The concentration of IVIg will make if thinner or thicker. The subcutaneous brands commming out at 20%.

11. What is a recall OF IVIG?

A recall of IVIg happens when someone reports defects in IVIg, side effects of a particular batch of IVIg. Then the FDA may issue a warning or a recall. This may also depend on contamination.

A recall of IVIg may be followed by shortage of the product in the market. Recently consumer demand for IVIg is surpassing production.

12. Where can I find out about recalls of IVIG?

The FDA in the US maintains a current list of blood-product recalls on its site. This is because its members use so many different types of blood products, and generally store them in quantity. Look under Biologics and then recalls near the middle of page.

13. Who is a good provider for IVIG?

There are many nationwide providers of IVIG. . . They manage side effects Their nurses are well trained. They will also work with you on CO-PAYS and insurance auth. Drug companies offer copay support and some even offer sample product fOR FREE

Email us for a good provider in your area.

14. What is the recommended dose as compared to age?

Children can tolerate a higher IVIg dose and the whole 3g/kg dose as a single infusion. Young adults up to 25 years of age can tolerate  1g/kg of IVIg as a single infusion. Up to age 50 only 500mg/kg of IVig is recommended in one day. Modern IVIg and drinking more water has led to faster rates of infusion without any complications

15. What is the right IVIG product for me?

Patients need to understand the differences among the IVIg products, Some examples of the factors include:

16. I have no more veins left and no central lines can be placed due to infections. How can I get IVIg?

IVIg can be delivered by the subcutaneous route if venous access is a problem. This is the preferred way of delivery for a immune deficient patient.

17 IVIG and vaccination issue. IVIG prevents vaccinations to take any effect in your body. Immunizations should not be given for at least 1 month and preferably 3 months after a course of IVIG. With IVIg you do not need routine flu shots. As you are getting the antibodies.

18. Can IVIg be given to my dog.

IVIg can be given to dogs for autoimmune diseases.

19. What other immunoglobulin's are present in IVIG.

IgE, IgM, IgA, IgD are also present in IVIg. If a person is low is any of these immunoglobulin's after IVIg infusion their level will rise up. There is no way at present to make IVIg free of IgE, IgM, IgA, IgD .

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