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Explaining Gauss
Gauss is the most misunderstood and misused word in the field of magnetic therapy. Magnet strength is measured in units called Gauss. For comparison, the natural magnetic field of the Earth is about half of 1 gauss. The average "refrigerator" magnet is about 10 gauss. Magnets used in therapeutic products vary from about 100 gauss to 2,500 gauss. The strength of a magnet is dependent on the size, weight and shape of the magnet.
FAQ (frequently asked questions)
Do Magnets Have The Power To Heal?
Magnets themselves do not heal. Magnets create an environment to assist and speed up the healing process.
Will Magnets Work For Me?

An estimated 140 million people around the world currently use magnetic therapy. Published studies demonstrate a success rate of 75 to 95%. (Depending on the various ailments studied)
How Long Should I Wear A Magnetic Product?
This is an individual's choice. Some use magnetic devices until pain is relieved and re-apply when pain returns. Others wear magnetic devices most of the time. Base your decision on your results. Magnetic products used to relieve pain and speed up the healing process are generally used short term whereas those used to promote overall health and wellness are often used on a long term basis.
How Quick Can One Expect Results?

Some individuals get relief within minutes. The majority however, gets relief within several hours to several weeks. The effect can be very subtle and in some cases is not noticeable until after the treatment is stopped.
Are Magnetic Products Safe?
Magnets are a natural product from the earth's resources. All research done to date indicates that magnets are one of the safest forms of alternative therapy available, This is also the position of The World Health Organization as stated in their study on magnetic fields published in 1987.
How Long Will Magnets Last?
In normal use and with proper care, the magnetic element in products will last a lifetime. Magnetic products can be demagnetized if exposed to high temperatures exceeding 140 C (250 degree F).
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