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  All diseases are autoimmune permanently treatable please read our e-book .  
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 Prevention treatment of Autoimmune Disease

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Who we are:   We provide research done by US scientists NIH, AHA & CDC which does not make front page news.

Cause of all diseases: Researchers call it the "unifying theory" behind the major killers of our times among cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, CIDP & alzheimers..

 Inflammation, know by the red, painful swelling that follows an injury, bug bite or trauma. Inflammation exists in tissue below the skin, this below-the-eye inflammation is the culprit that worsens most chronic diseases.

While inflammation is the immune system's response for beating back invaders in the body, inflammation gone unchecked can lead to heart attacks, strokes, cancers, Alzheimer's by destroying particular cells.

Out of control inflammation is linked to all diseases.

Chronic inflammation is caused by the persistent presence of pathogens, environmental pollutants and lifestyle. The so called genetic changes are reversible with diet.

 Inflammation in autoimmune diseases is the number one killer on Planet Earth.  Our own white cells start attacking body organs. The attack triggered by infections, surgery, injury, inhalation of pollutants, vaccination or stress

If a disease has good & bad days, consider it to be a autoimmune disorder. If the disease started after pregnancy, surgery, car accidents, toxic exposure or living close to a dump, its autoimmune. The sooner you change your lifestyle the better the results. After the termination of pregnancy a increased autoimmune attack is seen & autoimmune diseases are triggered after pregnancy including Vasculitis, depression & PTSD.

In every disease there is a trigger which is usually a protein on the surface of a microbe or food example (gluten). Usually a infection will trigger a immune response that begins to attack a part of your body. Unless the particular microbe is neutralized you will not be able to achieve a cure.

Stress reduces your immune functions and is the first step to trigger off autoimmune diseases. Prayer and trust in God will relive stress. If you do negative things that will contribute to stress. Read the diet page for more instructions.

P.T.S.D. (post traumatic stress disorder), depression, anxiety, O.C.D (obsessive compulsive disorder), PANDAS are all immune mediated. 

Young women  with undiagnosed problems please read about Dysautonomia. Inflammatory disorders are common in women. Do not think that hot flashes are due to hormone deficiency. Diseases should be treated by considering that you have immune dysfunction.

President Franklin D Roosevelt (click to see his medical history)   President J.F. Kennedy  (medical history)

You all remember President Regan, he had chest cancer and did not get any treatment in USA, he got his immune functions fixed by alternative treatments and fully recovered from the cancer.

Below is a description of a common autoimmune nerve disorder, for other diseases please see our disease section. of E-Book. or the main disease section here.

 Tingling numbness in the toes can be Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy . Diabetics have a higher incidence of CIDP. A super expert medical professional can diagnose CIDP on the first visit without any electro-diagnostic help, read our diagnosis page to find out which is the best test.

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CIDP USA has collected their research on CIDP & IVIg from above authors.

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