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Basil healing

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by Anjan K. Nath, Ph.D.

  • Colds & Cough:
    Make a fine powder of the following:

    --Basil leaves (dried in shade)   300 gms
    --Cinnamon 50 gms
    --Bey leaf 100 gms
    --Aniseeds (fennel)200 gms
    --Cardamom 200 gms
    --Red sandal-wood 200 gms
    --Dried orange-peel  25 gms

    Take two teaspoonfuls of this mixture and boil it with about 500 ml water till half the quantity of water is left. Add honey (and milk if preferred) and drink it like tea twice a day.

  • Earache:
    Add a little tincture of camphor to the juice of 10 leaves of basil. Instill a drop or two of the mixture in the ear for instant relief.
  • Eye troubles:
    The juice of basil leaves mixed with honey is recommended for all sorts of eye troubles associated with pain and burning sensation. The mixture may be stored in an air-tight bottle. In the case of trachoma, grind ten leaves of basil with a clove and apply to the eyes every four hours. For swelling of the eyes, the juice of the leaves of basil with a pinch of alum applied to the eyes is prescribed.
  • Epilepsy:
    Massage the body daily with the juice of basil leaves (a massage oil may be made with a mineral oil base and the essential oil of basil). Make a habit of smelling the blossoms of basil (essential oil of the blossoms) kept in a handkerchief; also grow a basil plant somewhere near the bedroom. During loss of consciousness during an attack, grind 11 leaves of basil, add a pinch of salt to it and instill a few drops of this juice in the nostrils of the patient.
  • Flatulence:
    Mix together 10 gms of basil juice, 10 gms of dry ginger and 20 gms of jaggery (raw sugar); make small tablets/pills/capsules from this mixture. Take a pill/capsule swallowed with a little water three times a day. It is advisable to either fast or to eat only easily digestible foods during the period of the treatme
  • Female disorders:
    Basil juice is a good tonic for women and its regular use keeps them free from the disorders of the female generative organs.
  • Fever/Flu:
    Boil about 10 gms of basil leaves in 250 ml water till the water is reduced to 125 ml, then add a little rock salt to taste. This tea produces immediate sweating and relieves the fever. An option is to drink tea made of basil leaves, black pepper, and candy sugar.
  • Hoarseness:
    Add a little honey to the juice of 10 basil leaves and lick slowly. A spoonful is sufficient to restore the voice.
  • Hair loss:
    Massage the scalp evenly with the oil of basil and after an hour or so wash the hair with cold water. Good for dandruff too.
  • Heart ailments:
    As basil has a positive effect over blood pressure and also a de-toxicant, its regular use prevents heart attacks. A tonic may be prepared by mixing 1 gm of dry basil leaves with a spoonful of butter and some candy sugar or honey. Take twice a day; first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night. The wearing of a garland of basil stalks is said to prevent heart attacks. It was common to see Englishmen wearing these “necklaces” during the 19th century in India.


  • Hysteria:
    Smell the crushed leaves of basil and drink the juice of five basil leaves.

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