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Relationship and autoimmune disease:

When a person is sick then relationship is the last thing on their mind. In general relationship is a desire which is based upon the levels of circulating  hormones. If the levels of these hormones falls then the desire for relationship is low. So essentially relationship is related to health. A healthy person will increase the partners  desires. In sickness these desires will become very low. Here is help for you to get your life back.

1. Most of our patients are able to have regular relationship.

2. A 75 year old CIDP patient has multiple girl friends on a intimate basis.

3. Girls will easily get dry vaginas with autoimmune disease, no lubricant matches the lubrication of the natural vagina. However we recommend olive oil. Sex with a girl who has a dry vagina will cause the mans penis to bleed.

See the homeopathic section,

4, Sublingual Vitamin B-12 can be used to improve the lubrication of the dry vagina should be taken on a daily basis.

 4.If the man cannot get a erection, should have his testosterone checked. The main reason men get CIDP is due to low testosterone.

 5. How to get a erection. One of our senior patients gets into the blue mood, uses a viagra and then he can go all night.

6. If you have minor genital infections, treat it with hydrogen peroxide three percent mouthwash or honey.

7. If the male is on a high prednisone  the testes may shrink. Beware!

8. For weak erections please see ourKegal exercise section.

9. The rubber bands called cock rings work wonders for some men, not only get a erection but the organ size increases.

 Got any more problems feel free to contact us..Our E-Book has extensive help for these problems.

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