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Exfoliate Your Skin Naturally

Exfoliate Your Skin Naturally - for a Soft, Supple, Glowing Complexion

As we age, exfoliation is vital for smooth, supple, healthy skin; however it is the one step that is commonly skipped in a skincare regimen.


To loosen, remove and slough away dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis. Our skin continually exfoliates itself, a naturally occurring process that slows down as we age. Administering a mechanical (sugar, salt, crushed nuts, luffa, pumice, etc.) or chemical (fruit enzymes, salicylic & glycolic acid, etc.) exfoliation helps to accelerate the process. This article will cover natural mechanical exfoliation.


Exfoliating exposes the supple layer of smooth skin and promotes new cell regeneration. Usually, a single treatment will produce results; your skin will be soft, smooth and free of, or display less dry patches and rough spots. During and after a treatment the pores can be more thoroughly cleansed and skin is properly prepared and more receptive in receiving skincare products. Select an exfoliation product that fits your skin type; this may differ throughout your body.

Facial Exfoliation

Gentle natural facial exfoliation products may contain mild clays, soothing colloidal oatmeal, soft fruit seeds & powders, herbs and other non-abrasive ingredients. A natural exfoliating facial masque can be quite soothing for tender skin.

When choosing a cleanser or scrub, take care not to over work/scrub your face. Begin with wet skin and apply the product using a light pressure, moving around the face and neck in a gentle circular motion being careful not to tug or pull on the skin. Do not use around the delicate eye area.


Below the Neck

A good multi-tasking exfoliating product for the rest of the body is a sugar scrub, which can also be used for shaving your legs. Sugar Scrubs will not burn if you have any little nicks or cuts, as a salt scrub would. You would not want to use a salt scrub for shaving. The smaller the granules, the easier it will be on your skin and of the two, sugar is better suited for sensitive or delicate skin.

A natural scrub with an oil base not only exfoliates, but also conditions and moisturizes the skin, which eliminates the need to apply moisturizer afterwards. When choosing a natural sugar scrub, look for healthy ingredients including organic sugar, cold pressed oils and essential oils; avoid products made with fragrance oils. If you find the scrub you are using leaves you feeling more moisturized than you would like, simply give a quick wash after you have exfoliated. A bath mat is suggested when using oil based products.


While it is perfectly fine to use your body scrub on your feet, it is also okay to use a product with an intensified scrubbing action, should you have extra dry or harder skin there. Ground pumice, luffa and finely crushed nuts, such as walnuts or almonds are all good natural choices for feet.

Length of time between Treatments

Refer to the product label instructions, keeping in mind that they are common guidelines, every one's skin may respond differently to the same treatment. Listen to your skin, if it feels sore or raw after a treatment, stop using it immediately. People with sensitive facial skin may only want to exfoliate one or twice per month with a very gentle natural product. The rest of your body may do well with a weekly treatment, again if this is too often for your skin type, cut back to a couple times each month. Take charge of and personalize your own beauty care regimen, make sure that it suits you.


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