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 Dennis Shepard chose to design this project with a PIC 16C54 microcontroller chip from

Microchip Technology. This little gem has the capability to take care of the control logic,

timing requirements, frequency generation, and status indicators. The unit hardware

consists of the PIC, a 4 Mhz. ceramic resonator, a voltage regulator, a miniature piezo

buzzer, a red LED, a green LED, 3 resistors, and a power MOSFET transistor; it operates

on a standard 9 volt battery. A pair of wires exits the unit which produces an ultrasonic

frequency signal which you ‘attach’ to your hands. You can use an alligator clip soldered

onto the wire and clip it back on the wire to from a loop. Then slide it over the hand

between the fingers and thumb, making sure the loop is comfortably snug. Just make sure

that the metal on the clip makes contact with your skin. Do the same thing with your other

hand and your ready to use! Or you can use an elastic conductive strap like the kind used

to ground yourself against static electricity. This electrical signal which passes through

your hands in this manner is all that is needed to ‘kill off’ the bugs in your body. Now, a

little bit of information on how this unit operates and why all these features were needed.

By passing a minute electrical current through your body, the 30 KHz. positive offset frequency generated by this device has the ability to 'zap' bacteria, parasites, and viruses...causing them to die! This is an upgrade to the circuitry described in the book.

    Our version of this device accurately generates the signals, performs timing functions, and has both audible and visual status indicators for the 5 step process. We designed a fully buffered ultra low (0.2ohm) resistance output stage; virtually eliminating waveform distortion due to the 'capacitive nature' of the human body. A series resistance would 'integrate' the signal and not deliver the proper waveform.

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