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(Diseases can present with different symptoms or variations)

Every autoimmune disease presents with slight variations in different patients. The variation does not mean the diseases is different or the diagnosis is different. The variation is due to the immune system selecting which place to attack, or in other words how the immune system is deceived to attack particular organs.

Lets take the case of alzheimers, in some cases just current memory is affected, in others memory just for numbers or names can be affected. Other patients will go back in time and start living 40-50 years back in their past. Some patients with alzheimers will also develop weakness, other start to have some abnormal movements while in bed or sitting. Other patients with alzheimers may lose bladder control and may also develop stiffness in their arms and legs. Many men become sexually active and develop affairs with young women, others forget to write checks. Hostility & anger develops and is  directed towards the spouse or caretaker who is falsely blamed, as a prostitute or stealing their money. One patient started to hear noises and music and called the police to report neighbors who were quite people.

Multiple sclerosis causes variants like no ones business. Multiple sclerosis can just cause fatigue, loss of vision, weakness, numbness, hearing problems, dizzy spells and anything you can think off.

Vasculitis presents with headaches, numb hands, cold hands and feet. Pulses are difficult to feel.

Chronic fatigue presents with tiredness all the time or after exertion. Normal sleep does not help relieve the problem. Yes this disease like all other autoimmune problems is fully reversible.

Fibromyalgia causes pain in different parts of the body, usually affects the neck muscles and the left side of body. These patients do not have a restful sleep. They may also have irritable bowel syndrome. Pain comes on after eating and none of the medical tests will show any problem.

Myofacial pain causes cracking noises in the neck and joints and knots form in the muscles.

Information on variants for all the autoimmune diseases is provided in the e-book and on CIDP is below. The following are direct scientific reports which may be difficult to understand for some readers. However we provide translations. In the first report a Scientist well known in CIDP circles states that the number of cases of CIDP are much more then what we think. He also states that doctors should not follow AAN (American Academy of Neurology) guidelines.  The second author below states that ALS and CIDP are very similar. Recently Mayo clinic neurologist were unable to figure out a large number of Pork processing plant workers who developed CIDP. The doctors in Mayo clinic reported in press reports that CIDP could not affect the brain, spinal cord or muscles. The third report shows that eye muscle weakness can also be seen in CIDP. Vision problems can also be associated with CIDP. Only one limb can be effected in CIDP. If you have a undiagnosed problem call us. If your disease does not fit into any specific patterns then we can guide you.

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