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The treatment for all the autoimmune diseases is similar. These diseases are caused by inflammation, triggered by bacteria, viruses or chemicals. To reduce inflammation. You can choose drugs or non drugs (herbal, homeopathic or natural) treatments. The cornerstone for treatment in the past has been steroids which are fast out the door due to their side effect profile. However if use steroids on alternate days and in small doses they still can provide adequate treatment. If people get a red eye it is almost always due to inflammation and quickly responds to steroid drops in a day. Autoimmune ear disease responds quickly to steroids placed in the inner ear. But intravenous steroids will help too. Turmeric is a natural steroid.
 Oral steroids cause many side effects so should only be used for a short time. Steroids will stop the inflammatory attack but then one has to uncover the reason for the attack the protein, virus, bacteria (mycoplasma)! In every autoimmune disease a foreign protein antigen is triggering the disease it need to be indentified and removed all these details you will find in the disease pages . However we check for IgG antiboidies against Herpes virus and CMV in all cases. In a remote corner of the worlduse Turmeric its a natural anti-inflammatory.
Begin treatment with diet modifications described in the diet chapter.

Avoid toxins. If the disease was caused by exposure to diesel fumes then the patient should avoid them.Avoid pesticides if you are a farmer in New Zealand spraying his field and could smell the toxin, and got CIDP even Parkinsons. A farmers in Bangladesh and Northern India is exposed to high Arsenic exposure in the ground water. The high arsenic is brought about by excessive pesticide usage. This will cause and trigger many autoimmune diseases. The farmers in Vietnam are exposed to the deadly agent orange used in the Vietnam Era wars. All toxins like Arsenic can easily be detoxified by fasting. A morning 5AM to evening 5PM fast with no food or water intake in the fasting period will eliminate toxins from the body. It may take a few days of fasting to get rid of all toxins.
Supplements like vitamin-D, vitamin B-12, Folate, Thiamine, B-6 (careful with B-6)) they are available in foods The vitamins help overcome many problemsin celiac disease there is always a Vitamin B-12 and iron deficiency. People with Sjogrens have a B-12 deficiency.
Steroids reduce inflammation quickly and for short peroid are excellent treatment but if you prefer long term natural treatment use Omega-3 Fatty acids which reduce inflammation.
Please try a different diet, go to a gluten free dietsee the celiac section for advice. Again everyone should give up milk unless it is non pasteurized milk. A vegetarian diet mainly of brown rice, potatoes and fresh fruit juices, salads. No processed foods like chips, hot dogs or pasta..
Maintenance doses of IVIg are often needed at monthly intervals to maintain clinical response. Serious side effects of IVIG treatment include, (fatal anaphylaxis in IgA-deficient patients seen in {In patients who have anti IgAantibodies}.I recommend that before the infusion the total IgA level be measured. If the level is below 58 then anti IVIg must be given sub-Q. However a case has been reported with IgA LEVEL of 58 who later developed IgA reaction.
If the lab reports IgA <20 then most people assume that IGA is zero.. Check the patients history! ( Who is your IVIgprovider)? Learn to give IVIg safely, learn the secrets! ..

Potential nephrotoxicity (renal failure) risk from IVIg exists, especially in patients with pre-existing renal disease who use sucrose containg product.
For patients resistant to IVIg therapy one needs to check if the dose being given is correct. If the dose has been 2g/kg then one can consider alternate with steroids and IVIg.If that does not work then Cyclophosphamide, Rituxan, Cyclosporin can be considered.
IVIg is used as a rescue therapy or first line agent and then a second line agent is started like cyclosporin. In time this becomes the agent of choice for chronic maintenance. You can do stem cell treatment at home the method is described search from the box above.
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