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Sources of Metal and Chemical Toxicity

  • Mercury, besides leaking from teeth fillings, is also found in fish, cosmetics, pesticides, paint and plastics.
  • Aluminum is found in soft drink cans, cookware, cheeses, baking powder, deodorants, and white flour.
  • Cadmium is contained in cigarette smoke, coffee, gasoline, steel cooking pans, and metal pipes.
  • Arsenic may be present in coffee, industrial pollution and pesticides, and salt.
  • Lead is found in dyes, gasoline, paint, plumbing, pottery, insecticides, tobacco smoke, textiles and scrap metal.
  • Copper is found in supplements, hard water, hot tubs and swimming pool chemicals, cookware, the birth control pill and other estrogen medications, copper IUD's, and dental materials.
  • Nickel is found in dental crowns, and jeweler.
  • Carbon Monoxide of course, comes from auto exhaust, cigarette smoke and smog.

".Clay attracts and neutralizes poisons in the intestinal tract. Clay eliminate food allergies, food poisoning, mucus colitis, spastic colitis, viral infections, stomach flu, and parasites (parasites are unable to reproduce in the presence of clay). There is virtually no digestive disease that clay will not treat. It enriches and balances blood. It adsorbs radiation (think cell phones, microwaves, x-rays, TVs and irradiated food, for starters). It has been used for alcoholism, arthritis, cataracts, diabetic neuropathy, pain treatment, open wounds, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, animal and poisonous insect bites, acne, anemia, in fact, the list of uses is too long for this article. It was used during the Balkan war of 1910 to reduce mortality from cholera among the soldiers from sixty to three percent

Detoxing is the process of removing metals, toxins, and other nastiness from the body.

Why should you consider detoxing for yourself?  Because unless you've been living outside of the industrialized society, your body's toxic load is considerable.  Toxins come from the air pollution, from the chemical all our materials are treated with - materials inside our home, on our body, in our car, in our offices.  Pesticides from our foods.  Toxins from all of the personal products we use on our body.  And the list goes on..

Toxins in our body blocks our proper body functions, shuts down the immune system and causes a long list of chronic diseases.

The warm sand by the sea in Kagoshima is among the hottest around the globe. The closer one gets to the shore, the hotter it gets. At some places, it is regarded to be around 85 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature most people can withstand is around 50 degrees Celsius.

Although the mechanism is said to be unknown, it is said to be the only such place in the world.

Kazufumi Tateyama, Sand Bath Hall Saraku said: "For women, it is effective for those who have bad
circulation, shoulder aches and lower back pain joint issues. For the skin, it said to be good for those with skin diseases.

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