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Our Mission: To prevent & stop heart disease and stroke

If you  have any heart problem, the best medicine for any heart disease is Cratageous, take the Homeopathic cratageous 200  three drops every night and all the heart problems including heart failure will improve. This will also clean up all the lipids in your  blood vessels within a few months you have to use it every night.

When you use Statins to lower your cholesterol, yes it will lower the cholesterol may leave you weak. I have seen a patient with statins go into a respiratory failure and was in ICU on a respirator, was  able to walk out once the statins were stopped.

You can choose the above route or learn our simple ways to lower cholesterol and stop heart disease. We also offer a $1.99 guide to stroke and heart disease prevention. Complete guide., Or just read below.

A  simple way to lower cholesterol is by diet eat fruits and vegetables and avoid all meats for a month. For more details see our diet page or search from the search box for Turmeric which helps lower cholesterol and even cures Alzheimer's and cancer. Complete chelation can be done by fasting the only drug I use for this is Cilantro. This cleans up all mercury and heavy metals in your body.

Purchase our herbal cholesterol lowering protocol with products that you may already have at home. Tested and tried on our own patients. No side effects. Avoid stroke , heart disease, lower lipids with just diet. Even the FDA recommends that before you use statins you need to use diet control first.
Every corner of the world that I have been even the uneducated people say that fats cause heart disease. Lot of people run , exercise and diet yet their cholesterol remains high. A  heavy built man came to me and said Doc I eat beef all the time and use a lot of fats, eggs and my cholesterol always comes out normal. He went on to say his brother who is skinny, diets and exercises, does not eat beef or eggs is on a lot of medication because his cholesterol is high. You do not have to do a study to figure out that by taking natural fats our body will automatically stop the production of cholesterol which is made by our liver in the absence of essential fatty acids.

I saw a patient who was heavy and wanted to lose weight and improve his heart condition. I advised him to use olive oil three tea spoons twice a day. He took it three times a day and when he used to take this in his office, his co-workers would say he will die from heart disease. He came to see me again after a year, he looked considerably younger, had lost weight and no signs of any heart disease his cholesterol checked out as normal.

Cholesterol is very important for our body and we need essential fatty acids for a proper heart rhythm if we do not have proper fatty acids that's when sudden death happens in young athletes. So the cidpusa foundation has written a full chapter on how to prevent athletes death by simply increasing the EFA or essential fatty acids in the diet. It is that simple to protect young women and men  from an early death , they usually die while running or playing, one young army colonel died after he delivered a high power speech and the resulting excitement heart disease in the absence of fats the cardiac arrhythmias or abnormal cardiac activity.

If you develop weakness with statins then you need to follow our guidelines.

Finally cholesterol does not cause heart disease but infections and bad teeth do. Read our full guide.

Source: cidpusa
So to help athletes  CIDPUSA has put together a guide for you to survive in this contaminated world. We provide our e-book to to prevent heart disease. We take a step forward by providing a guide to cures. All you have to do is take Omega-3 daily it will help avoid all type of athletes heart disease. This develops when athletes do not take fatty acids in their diet. Details in our book.


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