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Spinal Touch is a unique approach to assess postural distortion in the spine, pelvis, shoulders and throughout the rest of the body.
The treatment is dynamic and yet gentle, involving no "bone cracking" or twisting. There are no contraindications for Spinal Touch and it is suitable for all ages and conditions. It is excellent for pregnant women and children.
This "light-touch" treatment has been practiced in the USA since the 1920's, and in the UK since the 1980's. It was originally developed by an American structural engineer, chiropractor and healer Dr J Hurley. He applied his knowledge of structural balance and engineering laws of leverage to the living human organism. Hurley and his wife and colleague Helen, successfully treated a lot of patients with this technique some of which had not responded previously to any other form of treatment.

It is well known that bad posture can trigger various complaints with backpain being probably the most common. What is perhaps less commonly understood is the alignment of the spine to the force of gravity has an effect on general health as well. This is one of the main premises of Spinal Touch.
From the holistic point of view the signs and symptoms of disease are considered to be characteristic expressions of the organism's own effort to bring itself back to health. As well as indicating that the system is out of sync with naturek9k,.s underlying laws, they also offer guidance as to the way back to health if heeded and responded to appropriately.

Muscular Tension and Acidity
Most people who have experienced a good massage know that the stresses of everyday life, both physical and emotional, can cause excess tension to build up and be held in muscle tissue. This is due to a decrease in the pH of the body (acidosis) resulting from an incomplete breakdown of glucose and glycogen which is continuously used by the body to produce energy. Left unattended, this tension in turn distorts posture and throws the body out of balance. It is in this situation that

the unique therapy of Spinal Touch can help. It is based on the idea that the body can be guided to realign itself with its centre of gravity so that the skeletal structure will duly begin to move back to normal. This in turn can have the effect of optimizing all the functions of the body so as to bring about a general restoration of health.

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