Small Fiber Neuropathy

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Small Fiber Neuropathy

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Causes Make sure you do not have celiac disease

The nervous system is made up of two parts. The core is your central nervous system brain and spinal cord. The rest of nervous system, branching off from your spinal cord to the body, are peripheral nerves.

Part of the peripheral nerves that you consciously control such as nerves you use to move your muscles. Part is automatic nerves that regulate the heart rate, blood pressure , sweating , tempreature and digestion.

Damage to your peripheral nerves is called peripheral neuropathy. Autonomic neuropathy is a type of peripheral neuropathy in which the very small nerves are damaged.

A number of conditions can lead to damage of the autonomic nerves. The most common cause is diabetes. About half of the people who have diabetes eventually develop some type of neuropathy.

Other causes may include: