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Al-Ayed Explains Quran's Healing Powers

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Jamal Abdul Khaliq, Arab News Staff
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It is incumbent upon the healer to be able to read and understand the Holy Qur'an very well, says Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ayed

There is increasing controversy over the use of the Holy Qur'an to treat illness. The situation has become very confused, with crooks, frauds and those looking to make a quick buck distorting the work of an honest few. Today it is a painstaking process to find the honest few, but Jeddah-based Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ayed is considered foremost among these healers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Over the past seven years he has treated thousands of people who claim to have fallen ill because of black magic, envy and cancer.

Sayidaty, a sister publication of Arab News, met Al-Ayed who explained that he got into the field almost by accident. "It happened that I memorized a number of Quranic verses that can legitimately be used to treat certain illnesses. One day when I was visiting a sick relative, I read some of the verses and he recovered. The word spread and I decided to do the same for other relatives and friends. In a short time, I found that I had become a healer using the Holy Quran."

Al-Ayed does say, however, that it is incumbent upon the healer to be able to read and understand the Qur'an very well. He need not be a scholar, an ascetic or even to have studied religion. He must be an upright person with good intentions and be able to distinguish between what is Sunnah (teachings of the Prophet, peace be upon him) and what is bidaa (innovation) in order to guard against encouraging devils, sorcerers and quacks. There are three conditions which must be followed by the healer:

* No polytheism or anything that is forbidden (haram),Spiritual healing page

* Incantations must be in Arabic or another comprehensible language,

* Belief that in themselves the incantations do not heal except by God's will; they must all use God's words or His names and attributes.

It is God's mercy and blessing that he has made available a treatment for every illness; one of the greatest of the blessings is the Qur'an. While modern medicine does treat obvious illnesses, it does not -- and often cannot -- treat certain hidden illnesses that affect a person's psyche such as envy (the evil eye), sorcery and harm from the devil. There is no contradiction between Islamic medicine and modern medicine; they both heal.

Of Al-Ayed's clients, 80 percent are women who, because they are physically and spiritually weaker than men, are more liable to become victims of sorcery. Many of the women are beautiful, wealthy, educated and cultured but complain that they cannot find husbands or they suffer from cancer, miscarriage and infertility as a result of sorcery or envy.  See theJinn possession page

"Many businessmen also come to me since they may also be exposed to both sorcery and envy. Women sometimes come to me suffering from pain without knowing the reason, and through the incantations, I find that a jinn is inhabiting their body."

Al-Ayed went on to say that by God's grace, he has treated thousands of cases. "Those who are victims of magic and have attracted the evil eye are easier to treat except if the spell was cast a long time ago; in that case, it is very difficult to heal the sufferer."

Al-Ayed has treated some famous and important people in the Gulf and in the Arab world. He has also treated people of various nationalities, all of whom responded to treatment. "An American, who had been diagnosed with cancer, came to me to be healed and while unable to understand the words of the Qur'an, he responded to the reading and was healed. This is evidence that the Qur'an can heal Muslims and non-Muslims alike. I would like to emphasize that healing through the Qur'an is not an alternative to modern medicine."

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