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skin cancer lesions

However, too much sunlight inhibits the immune response and is also a strong inflammation promoter. Any increased inflammatory tendency leads to stimulation of tumor growth. Therefore, with cancer, any sun exposure must be so mild that afterwards there is no reddening of the skin. Except in winter, avoid sunbathing within 2 or 3 hours of midday. No glasses or sunscreen lotion should be used during this time. A recent report states that 90% of sunscreen lotions contain chemicals that kill skin cells. I prefer a solution of the nutrient PABA when sun protection is required.

Aim to be outside as much as possible, such as in a garden or on a veranda. If it is sunny remain in half-shade, or when in the full sun, cover up sufficiently. The life-force associated with sunlight penetrates our clothing and also charges the air that we breathe. As an added bonus, sunlight has a strong anti-depressant effect. A good way of catching the life-force associated with direct sunlight is by exposing drinking water or cooked or refrigerated food for a while to the sun before useing.

Minimize electro-pollutants

Strong electromagnetic fields of about 50 to 60 cycles per second (hertz, or Hz) are harmful to us. These fields exist around power lines, power tools, electric stoves, heaters, boilers, freezers and television sets when in use, extending several feet or yards around the appliance. Stay away from them if possible.

Try to minimize electromagnetic pollution, especially while sleeping when the pineal gland is most susceptible. Switch off al power points and unplug all electric leads with 2-prong plugs in the bedroom before going to sleep, watch that there are no live electric wires inside the wall near the head, and try to sleep with the head in a northerly direction, or otherwise towards the east.

Some dowsers claim to have discovered harmful earth rays from fault lines and underground streams under the beds of most cancer victims. Try to find someone who is able to check the location of your bed for harmful underground radiation, even if you sleep on an upper floor.

For more information on electromagnetic pollution and how you can protect yourself see the article Electromagnetic Pollution.