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I am 53 live in Dallas,TX ,

 I am 53 live in Dallas,TX ,

My CIDP started in October 1995 . I woke up one day and my feet were numb. I thought it was strange but figured I had messed up my back in some ways.

I was 44 at that time. I was hitting hundreds of Golf balls every day so I figured I had overdone it.

Two weeks later my hands were numb within a month my grip strength was down 33%.  My ankles were weak and soon my whole body was numb.

For 5 days I was treated with IVIG.

The next month I had two home treatments and broke out in a rash.

My hands completely peeled so the treatment was discontinued.

A month later the pain came back and remains. I feel like I have arthritis all over the body but cannot be seen in the scans. I am looking for answers!

CIDPUSA answer

This seems like a case of small fiber CIDP and can be treated with the CIDPUSA antibiotic protocol.  Contact us for more info.


At Nanotech  we recommend that cod liver oil be used for prevention of flu in women and children.


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