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 a Young Blonde  hair man with small fiber CIDP & CVID

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CIDP-story Kevin

Kevin has small Fiber CIDP.

Last Updated: Sunday, 23 December 2013, 00:02 GMT



> It's me J... I had my second  > appointment with the

> neurologist at University > Center . I'm so

> freeking discouraged. My EMG was normal so he won't

> treat me or do spinal

> tap. My balance is a mess and I can't feel soft    

> touch like a soft cloth or

> feather on my feet and I can't distinguish between

> sharp or dull on the

> bottom of my feet. My legs tingle and feel numb and

> feel like ants are crawling on them all the time and he can see that my

> balance is a mess but

> he said the normal EMG shows that it's not a neuropathy even though he

> states that the small nerves that allow you to feel things like a feather on  your feet can't be detected in the EMG?

 He wants me  to take a Parkinsons  medication b/c he said it will help with my horrible "restless" legs  at night.

I'm tired, sick of being off balance and my

> legs won't get me up  stairs without pulling on the rail. Why won't he  try IVGg and just see if

> it works?? He wants to see me in one month.

 Is there some good scientific literature on this that I  can bring for him to read?

Thanks so much for your  help again.

Dr Khan : Cidp CAN CAUSE RESTLESS LEG AND this proves RLS is really autoimmune. It is better to use anti inflammatory drugs as compared to anti parkinsons in such condition.

Answer is YES  & IVIg is the treatment Note ( he finally got the treatment and has been doing well)

Kevin Got IVIg finally after a diagnosis of CVID AND small fiber CIDP  almost 10 years after his diagnosis and all these neurologist he saw at top University Hospitals .............................. incompetence

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