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My name is L M 34 years old and was diagnosed with CIPD in 09/03.
I am receiving IVIG(24 grams) every 14 days. I tried to stretch it to a month but I just can't do it. What I am feeling  is odd , I feel very good as long as I receive my IVIG like clock work. I do have a lot of tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. I am defiantly affected by heat. Any kind of heat and my tingling and numbness is 100 times worst.

Dr Khan: ( Heat makes the nerve conduction worst, this is usually seen in MS and is called UHTHOFF'S PHENOMENA.  Some people with exercise can raise their body temperature and become weak. In the summer need to wear light colored clothing.)




        Pollution is causing heart attacks strokes and asthma all over the world specially in China  
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