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I'm 49 years old, 2 years ago this month I started
having trouble climbing the stairs, squatting
(couldn't get back up), then my hands and arms got
weak. My GP ordered a brain MRI, thought it was MS,
sent me to a neurologist, DR Downs, went through tons of tests, including nerve
testing, they concluded it to be cidp. 
I began a 5 day
ivig treatment, on the 3rd day I walked out of the
hospital (at this time I was in a wheel chair because
I could barely walk),
 it took them many months to
diagnose me. That is the only treatment I've had to
this point. I got to one point where I was having 1
treatment every 5 weeks. The last 2 treatments didn't
seem to do what they normally did and I just kept
getting weaker. 2 weeks ago she put me on 80mg per day
of prednisone. I'm not getting any stronger, the
medicine is making me dopey, shaky, unable to really
function for about 6 hours of the day, it's extremely
difficult for me to even do dishes, typing right now
is very difficult also, I'm able to walk unaided but
not well. 
Past history is graves disease as far as any
autoimmune issues. I would be willing to fly to San
Francisco to see Dr. Katz (how many patients has he
treated, is my doctor doing what is correct?) If you
can get me IVIG with a script why can't the hospitals
up here get enough, any ideas?  B



        Pollution is causing heart attacks strokes and asthma all over the world specially in China  
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