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  CIDP Story of Farmer will small Fiber CIDP

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The Farmers story

A young farmer who had a family history of diabetes at age 45 developed burning pains in his feet .  Was given multivitamins which helped for a short time.

He was evaluated and told that either this was a circulatory problem or a neuropathy. He was told to use multivitamins. The disease became progressive and he was evaluated by neurologist.

A EMG/NCV was done and a diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy was made.

He also developed difficulty in getting out of the chair. This was diagnosed as diabetic Amyotrophy. A second neurologist confirmed these diagnosis. The neuropathy later involved the hands.

The patient had to use his hands to climb stairs. If anyone uses both hands to pull themselves upstairs hen this is a sign of CIDP He would often fall due to loss of balance and had to be lifted by others as he had no strength.

The physicians advice was to exercise. On his own he started using multivitamins. OF course they were of no help. After seeing multiple physicians  a diagnosis of  diabetic amyotrophy was made.. He was given a bicycle to use and electronic stimulation treatment provided.

He also developed small fiber neuropathy and autonomic neuropathy resulting in the requirement of a cardiac pacemaker.

The story is presented to shed light on other patients who are suffering from the same problem of not being diagnosed. This patient died due to a fall He lived in Southern California. He was born in India, farmed in Pakistan.   

 Read the amazing story of a miracle happened on Southern California Highways