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Pain Management Goals

Whatever the cause, chronic pain can have negative effects on daily life. MeritCare Pain Management works closely with patients to help reduce the adverse effects of pain on their ability to:

Our pain specialists partner with patients to understand the source of pain and find the best treatment options for their situation. We try to carry out these goals during clinic visits, although some people may be seen in the hospital when necessary.

Pain Conditions


Although we would like to eliminate everyone's pain completely, that is not always possible. Our goal is to continue to work to help reduce the effect pain has on a person's life. Learn more about common

Most people will have a minor back problem at one time or another. Our body movements usually do not cause problems, but it's not surprising that symptoms develop from everyday wear and tear, overuse, or injury. Back problems and injuries often occur during sports or recreational activities, work-related tasks, or home projects.

Back pain can cause problems anywhere from the neck to the tailbone (coccyx). The back includes:

Back Injury is the most common cause of back pain. Injuries frequently occur when you use your back muscles in activities that you do not do very often, such as lifting a heavy object or doing yard work. Minor injuries also may occur from tripping, falling a short distance, or excessive twisting of the spine. Severe back injuries may result from car accidents, falls from significant heights, direct blows to the back or the top of the head, a high-energy fall onto the buttocks, or a penetrating injury such as a stab wound.

Although back pain is often caused by injury it does not need to be treated by surgery. We treat it by simple manipulation and pulsation.


Most back pain will get better and go away by itself in 1 to 4 weeks. Home treatment will often help relieve back pain that is caused by minor injuries. It is usually a good idea to continue your regular activities while your back is healing. Avoid heavy lifting and activities that seem to make your back problems worse.

The best treatment for any pain disorder is to massage the painfull area with Olive oil. This will help to relax the muscle and take the pain away. If the pain is not gone then purchase castor oil and massage over the painful area cover it with a cotton towel and heat this with a hot water bottle. The pain will be gone