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oils for animals

NAHS products which I recommend for animals:

 Oreganol is a proprietary formula of oil of oregano. It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, germicidal, antiseptic, pain-killing, and antioxidant properties and is suggested to kill yeast (candida) overgrowth, fungi, bacteria, parasites, relieve diarrhea, intestinal gas, digestive disorders, and bronchitis, ease pain and inflammation, and provide antioxidant protection.  The extra strength Oreganol is three times the potency of the regular Oreganol and cheaper in the long run.  It is safe to take on an empty stomach.  It increases metabolic rate and can be helpful for weight loss.  Put it on a bee sting, it minimizes the pain, stops the inflammatory response, and neutralizes the bee’s sting enzymes.  It is two-thirds as effective as morphine (analgesic/pain killing properties).  Put a few drops on an abscessed tooth, and within 24 hrs you’ll see a 50% reduction in the size of the abscess, and the pain is minimal or gone. Oreganol can be given in a low prophylactic dose daily if/when the animal is healthy, to minimize incidences/reoccurrences of parasites, viruses, unfriendly bacteria, etc.  Oreganol makes the environment hostile for these unfriendly internal visitors.  After a few months, this product also makes the animal unpleasant for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. 

NOTE: Do not use Oreganol or other NAHS oils at full strength in or on CATS without contacting me or NAHS first. Cats are very sensitive to essential oils. NAHS products are spices, which act a little differently than herbs and essential oils, so they are generally safe for cats, but exercise caution.

Oil of Cumin:  Cumin is most deadly on hookworms and other parasites; and anything unfriendly living in the intestine will be addressed by the Oregano products, especially the oil.  Oil of Cumin is a potent larvicide which takes care of tapeworms, hookworms, botworms, roundworms, nematodes, etc. It’s deadly on them, kills and flushes them from the system, doesn’t just expel them. It is also a vermifuge, antiprotozoan, fungicide, antibacterial, antihelminthic.  The cumin in the Oregacyn, which is not contained in the Oreganol, is highly effective against parasites (especially hookworms), and is also a powerful liver cleanser, which is important given the toxins the parasites put out. Same thing with cancer cells.  Cumin clears protozoans like Giardia very effectively; and is also a powerful liver cleanser. 

Oregacynhese are small gelcaps or big powdered capsules. The gelcaps contain less of the following than the capsules: oils of oregano (anti-parasitic), sage (immune boosting) and cumin.  Oregano and cumin are very powerful together; sage is good for cleansing (antiviral/microbial), healing, has a lot of energy to it. A hyper dog will calm down and a lethargic dog will perk up when taking Oregacyn.  Oregacyn capsules contain dried oregano, sage and cumin, and are very potent/ powerful, with a slightly different action than the oregano, sage and cumin oils.

Oregacyn dry capsules work extremely well on respiratory problems and anything to do with lungs, sinus problems, chronic ear infections, stomach lining, intestines and certain other issues. The Oreganol (oil) tends to work better for inflammation and have better analgesic properties.  Note: It is probably better to use oil of oregano to treat irritable bowel syndrome rather than the dry capsules (which may inflame the tissue).

Oregamax: Dried capsule formula, containing the whole Oregano plant – leaf, flower, stem.  Not a powder or an oil.

For Cancer: The B complex is badly depleted in cancer patients – they literally starve to death.  They don’t eat (aren’t hungry), or when they do eat, they don’t assimilate nutrients. Vitamin B-12 is an appetite stimulant; all B vitamins are nervenes (they boost metabolic function and soothe the nervous system). With this product they’re getting predigested proteins, enzymes and B-complex, which can make a major difference in cancer patients’ health and weight 

Resvitanol: Red sour grape in capsule form.  Very powerful in fighting illness and disease. May even help prevent the occurrence and/or spread of cancer in several ways.

Other Oils

Consider mixing Coriander(liver cleansing and other benefits – great balancer), Cumin (as noted above, a great liver cleanser), Oregano (very potent on molds), Sage (good for kidneys, for mental state/mental energy, also fairly potent internally for bacteria, not so much on the parasites), Rosemary (also very potent, good for mental, helps kidney function).  Put the drops in anything you can stand them in (tomato juice, milk, orange juice or water).  All of these help with metabolism and cleansing the body.  Oil of Juniper (helps rejuvenation of the kidneys from nephritis and the like).  Lavender Oil is great for the skin (use after shaving, and for skin problems of all types).

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