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   What We Do And Don't Know About The 'Fiber' Disease

 CIDPUSA opened the first facility called Nanotech in Lahore. The aim was to find a cure of all autoimmune diseases. One main target for treatment was a unknown disease called  Morgellons.  We did. We have treated the first patient with success .

See the patient in white on this page  The picture here is two months after treatment. The treatments is very simple and is electronic so the medicine cost is zero,   She could easily be misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia.She was treated by Vibramycine 100 mg daily and a Hulda Clark Zapper daily for a year. The treatment with the zapper alone and hydrogen peroxide can be done without vibramycine.


Morgellons More Info

Morgellon story

Morgellons - New Disease, or
Man-Made Weapon of Terror?

by Tim R. Swartz

Posted: 13:10 December 3, 2007

Morgellons - New Disease, or Man-Made Weapon of Terror?
Morgellons - New Disease, or Man-Made Weapon of Terror? Photo credit: Russell Altman.
The victims feel as if bugs are crawling under their skin. Their doctors treat them as if they are insane. It is called Morgellons, the fiber disease, a mysterious skin disease that is currently spreading across the globe.

Those with this disease describe feelings of insects scurrying beneath their skin and have mysterious sores that ooze out blue and white fibers, some as thick as spaghetti strands. Attempts to remove the fibers are said to produce shooting pains radiating from the site. 

The disease is named after a medical condition described in 1674 by the British author Thomas Browne.  Known as "Morgellons," Browne said the disorder caused children to "critically break out with harsh hairs on their backs.".Analysis of the fibers found in the sores suggest that they are more than just lint from clothing, carpets, or bedding, nor are the black specks
composed of pepper, as several dermatologists have proposed. Some suggest the fibers are made of cellulose, a molecule generally found in plants. And if placed in a Petri dish, the fibers taken from a Morgellons sore will continue to grow.

 Morgellons is a infection and responds to antibiotics and electronic stimulation read more.


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