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My wife was hospitalized with dangerously low platelet My wife was hospitalized with dangerously low platelet count of 1K and diagnosed to be suffering from ITP.  The treatment started with very high dose of prednisone, followed by IVIg followed by an even heavier dose of prednisone followed by a chemo drug retuxon with no improvement. She also went through painful bone marrow biopsy. She was then scheduled for a high risk surgery to remove her spleen with no guarantee that it will cure the problem. That was a very desperate situation. And we were all praying to Almighty for a miracle to cure my wife.


In the meantime I had started my own research on the web to see what else can be done. During my search I happen to find cidpusa website and sent an email to Dr Imran stating the entire situation. In the very first email Dr Imran diagnosed her to be suffering from H.Pylori and unless that bacteria is eradicated through antibiotics followed by IVIg treatment, nothing will work. This diagnosis, more or less, was rejected by our doctor but he went along with us because nothing was working anyway. After ten days of antibiotics she was given IVIg, again on my asking. Her platelet count started the move upward after the second dose of IVIg. For the first time in four weeks when we were told that her platelet count is 18K, my wife wept and we both prostrated to our Creator in humility. Next day it was 36K and she was released from the hospital just two days before her scheduled surgery. .It was indeed a miracle.

I must say that without the online advice, correct diagnose, diligent and frequent email support of  Dr Imran, throughout this episode, my wife's  spleen would have been removed and she most likely would have been in worst shape than before. And, by the way, we had access to the best hospitals and doctors available in northern California.


Today, she is nearly off the prednisone and her platelet count is well within the normal range. We profusely thank  God (Allah swt) who by his mercy showed us the path.

------------------------------------------------------- Note Bitter Gouard help for ITP

 The above story explains how simply with antibiotics and followed by IVIg  the ITP was reversed. There is knowledge at web to reverse every disease. We have made it simple by adding home remedies to reverse ITP in the Flame within e-book. So there is a simpler remedy for ITP in this book without the antibiotic and IVIg.

Not only you can save your spleen you can save the expense of expensive IVIg, doctor visits and multiple medications by following our herbal guide in the Flame within E-book.

From a simple vitamin that is responsible for ITP and its deficiency leads to ITP and this one difficult to test.

Research costs money and time and that is why has placed this in the e-book and you can get this for 9.99 $.

This boy from India called and had no money with ITP and  a b-12 vitamin  injection was advised he called back and his ITP was resolved.

Another family from India called and their mother had ITP , the mother has fully recovered from ITP.

The patient with Morgellons  this page after suffering from 20 years was reversed by a month of our electronic pulsar treatment at home.

The knowledge is at your fingertips

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