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Miracle on Highway 91

😏 Miracle on freeway 91 Sat, 31 May 2008 17:55:07


My father had worked hard all his life as a farmer, in retirement he started to develop sudden falls, for which he had a cardiac pacemaker placed five years ago. The batteries run out after 5 years but a trip to his doctor did not make them think that any thing was wrong.
 On the 27 night of Ramadan , the most holy night in the whole year. In Walnut California there were white cloud over the sky, some fog and not a bird moved and there was total calm. When we got a call that my father had collapsed. On reaching his home in Walnut CA, we were informed that 911 emergency response had pronounced him dead. This was unusual as most cases are moved to the hospital right away.
 My father had diabetes and at the age of 70+ he was fasting. His most beloved sister had just died a few days ago after which he was very depressed. He was feeling sick and earlier in the day had collapsed outside the house when trying to get his mail.
 Soon after iftar (time for breaking the fast) he collapsed again and when my mother reached him his, tongue had come out and was blocking the airway. My mother knew instantly that her husband had passed away.
 Only a week ago I had taken my father on a drive to purchase birds from the Sunday market near the junction of Highway 15 and highway 60. I could see his eyes sinking. This particular sign was never taught to me as a doctor. Somehow I knew this was his last drive. So instead of the freeway I drove thought the farms and fields. My fathers eyes were fixed on farms and cows in pastures such a magnetic way that is hard to describe. I started to drive the car even slower unusual for me to drive slowly.
Reaching home he asked me to wait. This was a little odd! He went in and then came out carrying with him his prized possessions a few undershirts with birds on them, some coins and buttons. Then he explained to me how each son and daughter had taken care of him. . I knew this was the last time I will see my dad alive. In the next few days my wife informed me how my dads health looked worse and he was getting weak.
 My mother contacted me and said that my dad said that all the dead relatives are coming in his dreams. I immediately recalled the events prior to my grandmother death, who also had similar dreams of dead relatives visiting her and within week she died (the doctors had told her these were hallucinations due to psych drugs) . So I informed my mother that the time has come for our beloved father to depart.
 I was about 10 years old when my Grand mother died. After her death I saw her in my dreams and she asked me, "do you want to come with me". I was terrified in the dream and said ,"No".
 My father died on the 27 Ramadan was on a Friday, the next day was Saturday. I had to take my uncle to the mortuary in Riverside form Highway 60 we took Highway 91 to Riverside. Just getting on the ramp we saw a parking lot of cars standing still. We knew instantly that the funeral was not going to be on time. Sudden a Miracle started to happen to our amazement each car on our left would merge more toward the left and create space for us, similarly each car on the right would suddenly move and create space for us. I could see these moves happening one by one in front of us. Two cars would move one towards the right and the other towards the left, then the next two cars would move and then the next two, and in seconds a clear path opened up. This path was from the slow lane going toward the fast lane at 19 degree angle. I am a rash driver, but that day I could not drive through that narrow lane created in the rush hour traffic. Suddenly and smoothly our car picked up speed and my cars was zooming past other car ( a black Acura legend 1991). We were going at incredible speed on a narrow lane just millimeters from other cars. We felt like being on magnetic propulsion, not a sound coming form the engine, not a vibration. There was no fear of any cops catching me. I also knew I was in the drivers seat but I was not driving the car. A smile had come over my face, I seemed to be in a trance. We were in such a trance that neither my uncle nor I talked while this episode happened. We reached the riverside mortuary, we did the cleaning ritual . Once we were ready we got back on the highway to get back to Walnut. Again there was a traffic jam, again cars were standing in front of us. I knew something was going to happen again, the cars in front of us moved sideways leaving us a clear path. The car smoothly caught speed and moved past all the hundreds of stationary cars, this black Acura Legend was zooming past other cars . We were like in another dimension. I will never forget this amazing drive which happened twice on the same day. That day time had almost stopped, things were going in slow motion and everything was happening on time.
Earlier on the day of the before the drive to Riverside took place, I was reminded in my head to return to the Sunday Market, I did return and followed the voice in my heart and found the bearded person selling birds. On the last trip my father had bough so many birds that I finally told my father that all his cash had finished ( a lie) .However my father asked the seller if he could pay later. The man agreed and we carried a dozen canaries home. After the death of my my father, I was reminded in my head to go and pay this man his dues. I found him and yelled please take your money, the man smiled and said he did not expect that any one would come and pay him.

Who drove the car in rush hour , so perfectly that it would pass millimeters away from other cars. It moved without any vibrations or sounds, in a perfect straight line. I was in the drivers seat but I was not driving, that precision is humanly impossible.. Who was informing other drivers to move away in a formation I have never witnessed this even in movies. There was no rehearsal this huge miracle was happening due to the Grace of Allah.
We did not know many people in California, once we were saying the burial prayers in the Mosque in Anaheim hundreds of people showed up. Most people do not stay for funeral prayers but no one from this crowd of people moved they stayed in their positions even after the funeral prayer.
This drive to wash my fathers body changed me, I have since received enormous knowledge, I have become a person who kneels down before Allah five times a day. In traffic jams I have learned to pray.
This Acura Legend with almost 200,000 miles was given to our automechanic in Walnut for free. Who wrecked it in September 2009.
Tower explained that he had not expected identical results from direct treatment versus genetic over-expression.