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It Ginger helps heavy menstrual bleeding

Throughout a woman's menstrual cycle, she will most certainly encounter times of heavy menstrual bleeding. These heavier cycles may be a result of hormone changes or a hereditary infliction that has plagued every female in her lineage. There will also be times where heavy periods are simply an anomaly that results in higher expenses and greater inconvenience. Simple natural remedies are available that result in a slower, more even flow and lessen the chance of a drastic loss of iron.


Ginger tea is excellent in helping curb heavy menstrual bleeding.

According to Susun Weed, a noted natural health writer on women's issues, heavy periods can be controlled through the use of herb tinctures.

Five to 10 drops of Lady's Mantle tincture, taken three times per day, alleviates some of the heaviest bleeding, but may take three to five days to be effective. This remedy can be started a week before a woman with known heavy periods begins her cycle.

Shepherd's purse is a second effective herbal remedy for heavy bleeding and is faster acting with results seen in as little as a few hours. Shepherd's purse may be taken in a tea form from your local independent health food store.

Heavy menstrual bleeding, clotting or irregular bleeding are come under the heading of menorrhagia. Serious bleeding can be a sign of uterine cancer or a fibrous growth, and should be diagnosed by a medical professional without delay. Supplement your diet with plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, high-quality protein and whole grains. You may will to take an iron supplement as well during periods of heavy bleeding.

Agrimony - for Heavy bleeding - Treat cuts and scrapes

Agrimony is a very astringent herb, and is useful in bladder infections, and can ease heavy menstrual bleeding. Used as a skin wash, agrimony can effectively stop bleeding from cuts and scrapes.

Cramp bark - for Excessive menstrual bleeding -

Cramp bark quiets uterine cramping, and the high tannin content slows heavy bleeding, making this vibrurnums excellent choices for threated miscarriage, uterine cramps, and dysmenorrhea.
Lady's Mantle - for Painful Period -

It contains salicylic acid and has sedative properties that help to alleviate cramps and painful menstruation
Ladys mantle - for Heavy or excessive menstrual flow -

Raspberry - for Cramps/heavy bleeding -
Sage - for Heavy menstrual bleeding -
Shepherd's Purse - for heavy menstrual bleeding -
Stinging Nettle - for Excessive menstruation -
Valerian - for Muscle relaxant, cramps -
Yarrow - for Heavy menstrual bleeding -


If you experience bright red blood with clots, Belladonna and Ipecacuanha will reduce these symptoms. For dark blood with clots and exhaustion, try Sabina and China. Each of these has dosage directions on the bottle and Boiron and Hylands are trusted brands of homeopathic remedies. For cramping accompanying heavy bleeding, use Secale or Natrum mur.


Essential fatty acids have been shown to reduce heavy menstrual flow. Try four to eight capsules of a commercial brand, or 15 to 30 ml of flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil or Omega-3 , Flaxseed oil can be poured over a natural cereal in the morning or stirred into cereal, milk or yogurt with fruit. Additionally zinc, copper and iodine may be helpful to reduce bleeding, but care must be taken not to overdose on these supplements. Take each according to directions.

What to Avoid

During a heavy period, women should avoid consuming ginger as it thins the blood and may result in flooding. Also avoid aspirin as it has a similar effect. Consult your doctor if you are on blood thinners for advice on possibly reducing your dosage during your menses.