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Welcome to the CIDPUSA International Foundation against medical diseases.

CIDPUSA formed a group with multiple doctors in every field of medicine and engineers to manufacture medical devices which would reverse medical disorders in a mater of minutes without medications. These devices were made and tested are currently being used. The description of device its current cost and projected cost when in mass development by a nation are provided. Demonstration is available on request. Samples will only be given after a contract has been signed. This page is for independent health Ministry and sales of units are restricted to under developed nations.

Get independence in your health programs.

Device 1: Nano Pulser: A small unit works on 220volt electricity, 110 volt units can be made upon request. The unit produces small nano pulses which are capable of reversing Multiple Sclerosis, Transverse Myelitis , arthritis, muscle pains, tumors, skin lesions in a matter of minutes. Unit comes in many different styles of output and coil selection. Ready made unit cost $200 . If you build it cost $20.

Device 2: Nano Stimulator: A testing device which produces high electrical pulses from 3 volt batteries to test if a patient has a nerve problem. This device will also work as a muscle stimulator and even help is getting rid of cellulitis. Ready made unit cost $50 . If you built it cost $ 5.

Device 3: Nano Generator: A small portable device which can control acute infections in children and adults in a matter of minutes. Sub types of this unit are available. Ready made unit cost $50 . If you built it cost $ 5.

Device 4: Nano Micro Pulser a small portable device to treat stress and tension related mental problems and to induce sleep. Ready made unit cost $50 . If you built it cost $ 5.

Device 5: Deep Brain external stimulator which will help patients with Parkinsons.

Device 6: External Epilepsy stimulator by using this epilepsy can be controlled in adults and children.

Devise 7: Cancer eradicator, through electronic pulses sent through a hand held coil.

Devise 8: Cranio Electrical Stimulator for treatment of depression, anxiety, drug dependence.

Above pricing is for those who will have signed a contract with CIDPUSA. Cost of ready made units does not include shipping. The units will be shipped from Pakistan.

The circuits have been simplified to be put together with simple tools. Simple to service and have long duty cycle.

CIDPUSA will train personnel in your country to manufacture and use these units. We will train 10-50 engineers or techs from your country and 10-50 doctors or nurses in the first batch.