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Massage therapy in Parkinson's disease is very effective, although they are widely prescribed in practice and contribute a substantial cost factor to the overall treatment. Most attention has been devoted to movement therapy, which admittedly achieve significant improvements in motor performance but contributes substantially to subjective improvement of the well-being of the patients and to the maintenance of their physiological functions. . Massage, ergonomic treatment approaches and the nowadays fashionable area of various relaxation techniques have received attention. Our own trials with vibro-massage for the loosening of muscular rigidity have led to no sustained improvement,

Massage therapy has numerous benefits for the Parkinson's patient. I have been a Parkinson's patient since 2005 and have personally experienced the relief that massage therapy can bring. Characteristic symptoms of Parkinson's disease include tremors, slow movement, rigidity, and problems with gait and balance. At the current time the only treatment for PD is treatment with medications and a lot of patience. Over time the patient builds a tolerance to medications rendering them less effective. Therefore many turn to alternative treatments such as massage therapy to manage their symptomatic pain. What are the benefits of massage therapy in people with Parkinson's disease?

Benefits of Massage Therapy in Parkinson's Patients

Reduces pain
Massage therapy is helpful in managing the pain in neck, upper back, and shoulders.

Massage in conjunction with exercising at the gym several times a week works well together to keep pain under control.

Increases circulation
Massage helps blood to circulate more efficiently. Many Parkinson's patients, have cold hands and feet, as a result of poor circulation.

Increases flexibility and range of motion
Without massage therapy or exercise, my body becomes rigid and my range of movement is greatly reduced. Pain in the upper back also increases and it is difficult to stand or walk for any period of time.

Hastens the elimination of wastes and toxins
Parkinson's patients have problems with constipation frequently and because of their inability to move at a normal pace and are sedentary for long periods, massage therapy helps to eliminate the toxins and wastes that can build up rather quickly in people with PD.

Helps to improve sleep

Sleep disorders and or sleep disturbances are prevalent in Parkinson's patients. I have REM sleep disorder which means without medication, I do not get pass Stage 2 while asleep which leaves me with excessive daytime sleepiness. Massage therapy helps the body rid itself of stress which makes it easier to sleep.

Naturally increases dopamine
Parkinson's disease results from low levels of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that stimulates motor neurons, the nerve cells that control muscles. Massage therapy, especially deep tissue massage tends to naturally aid the brain to naturally boost dopamine.

Gives a sense of well being
To feel better physically is a great kick-start to feeling good emotionally! I suffer from depression, as is typical in the majority of people with Parkinson's.



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