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    The Raging Libido Diet  part-2

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    For general male sexual wellness, she recommends oysters (no, it's not a myth, she claims), which are high in zinc. "It is often low in men who
    have sexual dysfunction. Adding foods high in zinc, like oysters, as
    well as pumpkin seeds and pine nuts, is essential for a healthy sex
    life." As are oats, the bane of many a childhood breakfast. "Oats
    boost sex drive. They contain zinc, proteins and minerals needed to produce
    healthy seminal fluids. Men should eat a bowl a day."

    They should, Kamhi also instructs, use ginger and cayenne pepper in
    their food before sex. "They are warming herbs and increase circulation to the genitals."

    And now for the don'ts: carbs, fats, alcohol and fish and chips. "When I was in London in May, I was shocked how much bread and fat the English eat. Carbs and fats lead to hardening of the arteries, which decreases circulation to the genitals." Fried foods, she argues, particularly a regular diet of fish and chips, contain trans (hydrogenated) fats, which decrease testosterone and increase abnormal sperm (in animals). Alcohol, she points out, lowers sexual response, although most men know this. "If men want great sex they should stick to a diet high in vegetables and fish and low in carbs and fats. And they should eat oats."

    Women mercifully are spared a return to porridge but Kamhi says there
    are foods and herbs they too should ingest daily to increase or restore
    sexual health.

    "Unlike men, women have a real shift towards a decreased sex drive as
    they age due to the decline in hormones," she says. "But there are
    foods and herbs that can increase libido and support the production of
    oestrogen to reduce hot flushes, just like HRT."

    Soya, of course, is considered a magic pill for women in menopause but Kamhi warns them to tread lightly. "One ounce a day of soya milk or foods is fine. But too much can interfere with thyroid function." Much better is to have one pomegranate a day, a fruit which she says contains a form of oestrogen called oestrone.

    Similarly, fennel contains oestrogen-like oestragole.

    When it comes to great sex, Kamhi says that along with soft lighting and a Barry White CD, herbs and minerals are a woman's best friend. She believes the mineral arginine can increase arousal of post-menopausal women. And that the herb damiana, taken daily, can help a 50-year-old feel like a newlywed.

    But when daily maintenance isn't enough and it's time to break out the
    nuclear weapons, Kamhi says that directly before sex women should
    partake of yohimbe: "It can increases circulation to the genitals,
    elevating sexual response. And magnesium before sex increases
    circulation to female sex organs and can stimulate a stronger orgasm,"
    she claims. Vitamin E, she swears, is a woman's best friend when it
    comes to vaginal dryness. "Women should eat avocados, rich in vitamin E, and can use it intra-vaginally (using bottled oil) for lubrication."

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