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Natural beauty Tips of India

Tips for Eye care the most attractive organ in your body.

For long eyelashes, apply a thin coat of castor oil every night. It strengthens lashes and cools your eyes. For removing dark circles, place cotton wool swabs dipped in cold milk on closed eyes. You can also massage a few drops of coconut oil around the eyes to get rid off dark circles. If the dark circles do not go apply clay mask to the eyes. You need to drink plenty of water to detox the chemicals under the eyes and eating cilantro twice a day will speed up the process of getting rid of the dark circles.

To reduce puffiness of your eyes, grate a potato; tie in a cloth and place the cloth over your eyes for about 15 minutes.

For bright and sparkling eyes, add a pinch of salt in water and wash. Or use a mixture of cucumber juice and rose water to apply around the eyes and wash it after 30 minutes. Dip wads of cotton in a chilled mixture of cucumber and potato juice. Keep this on your eyelids for 15 to 20 minutes and gently wash it off. Apply a little baby oil. Mix equal quantities of tomato juice and lemon juice and apply around the eyes. Wash it off with cold and hot water alternatively after 30 minutes. Make a paste of sandalwood and nutmeg and Apply the paste around the eyes before going to sleep and wash it off in the morning. Using Honey and cinnamon and applying it on the skin with some olive oil will make a bright attractive glow on your skin and people will notice you. For brighter white teeth and clearing off dark circles

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A touch of Mascara gives your Eye lashes an ultimate lift
Mascara when applied can dramatically enhance looks. It should be applied towards the end of eye make-up as mascara gives a finishing touch to your eye make-up. A touch of mascara and kajal / kohl is enough to make a woman look exceptionally stunning.
One should curl the lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. While kohl can make eyes beautiful, a touch of mascara can give them an ultimate lift. It helps in emphasizing, thickening, and defining eye lashes. One should not take it as neglected aspect of make-up. Most mascara has Lead so please use a coal pensile instead from a craft store.
The right method to remove eye make-up is just as important as applying it right. A drop of baby oil can be used to remove it. Apply a drop of baby oil on your lashes with your finger and leave it on for sometime for the mascara to dissolve. Then gently remove it with a damp cotton swab.
Natural hair remover is Hydrogen peroxide

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