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We need light and many people are affected in winter by the very
short days and lack of sunshine.

Light is extremely important for the needs of man. Edgar Cayce
recommended 2 hrs a day but not at the height of the day. Sunlight
metabolizes vitamin D which is needed for the absorption of Calcium,
with osteoporosis now affecting one in three women over 50 and one
in twelve men, anything we can do to absorb calcium must be looked
at. According to one reputable light therapist who listed ten main
benefits from sunlight which include.

1 Production of vitamin D,
2.Lowers blood pressure.
3.Increases heart pumping efficiency.
4.Improves ECG readings.
5.Reduces Cholesterol and hypertension
6.Assists weight loss.
7.Effective with Psoriasis.
8.Increases the level of sex hormones.
9.Helps alleviate Asthma and other lung disorders.
10.Helps improve mood.

As with most things one can have too much .Too much sunlight will
age the skin and give an increased risk of skin cancer, which is
frequently caused by too much UV radiation. An interesting point
with sunlight is the fact that you can get burnt through cloud cover
or in shallow water. Never expose babies to direct sun between 11am-
2pm in summer. As a precaution if any mole changes colour, shape,
size or becomes itchy, or bleeds seek medical advice straight the
way, melanoma if caught early is well treatable, caught late it can
be much more problematic. Alternatively to sunlight one can use a
light box but this will have to be the right kind of light and the
right intensity and with this one can then expose oneself or others
to the right duration of time.
With the now recognized problem of season affected disorder -the
Cayce statement is well justified. Insufficient light will cause all
major problems things like depression, Fatigue and drowsiness
will be seen more in winter as the dark days come.

Apparently a thirty-minute exposure to sunlight will produce enough vitamin D for the entire day. People in winter are now using light boxes, which
should be of at least 10,000-lux full spectrum type lights and
flicker free. Also used is UV light and both of these types of light
are to be used in the early morning to keep us in balance. Treatment
with these methods has been effective in about 85% of cases. Our
pineal gland responds to sunlight and a sunny day produces about
100,000 lux, the pineal gland produces melatonin, which lowers heart
rate and prepares the body for sleep. However

You have to get sufficient daylight to produce Melatonin. PMS has now
been linked to low melatonin .  In fact one has to apparently protect
our melatonin as things like Glutamate (often used in food
additives) caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, chocolate, non steroid anti
inflammatory, beta blockers, Prozac, and valium deplete it.

Melatonin is a very important chemical and acts as an anti oxidant
and free radical scavenger and these things are linked to aging.
Curiously St. johns wort used for depression is a melatonin

Tests have also been done with florescent lighting at a school in
Florida, the tests clearly showed evidence for increased
Hyperactivity, Irritability, Depression and Fatigue. Surprisingly the
lighting also affected blind people as well. The clear alternative
for florescent lights are the full spectrum type lights where they
very nearly replicate sunlight, again tests have shown improved
Health and performance, a decrease in headaches, Depression and

The new LED lamps have to be full spectrum to provide all the light benefits. Such full spectrum LED bulbs are available in the market.
The nice thing about light therapy is that the side effects are
experienced by only a small percentage of people, and typically are
temporary. They can include a jittery feeling,


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