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Diet for Love life

December 14, 2021


BY Sharon Krum

Ditch the Viagra -the best night of sex you will ever have could be
waiting in the herb section at the health food store. Sharon Krum

"I'll never criticize modern medicine. There is definitely a place for
it in our lives," says Kamhi, who has been dispensing herbal remedies
from her New York natural health practice for 30 years. "But I believe
herbs, vitamins and foods used in specific quantities can be as potent
as prescription drugs, yet with fewer or no side-effects. So when you
have a health problem, you should always look to nature first."

 The Natural
Guide to Great love life: Improve Your Love Life with Nature's Alternatives to
HRT and Viagra, she promises that sustained males and heightened
arousal can be found inside the supermarket and health food store.

"Foods and herbs have fewer side-effects. The difference is that people
have to be patient. Some herbal remedies work instantly; some take a
month or longer. But they do work," she claims. Unbelievable? She swears
it is all based on science.

But for men experiencing genuine impotence, Kamhi treats them with the
herb yohimbe, which she says provides a similar level of stimulus and
blood flow to the organ as Viagra:


"Yohimbe is bark stripped from a tree in West Africa. It stimulates
circulation to the genitals and will become active within an hour of
use." Kamhi insists that all her recommendations have been verified by
scientific studies done in Germany, the US or the UK.

Korean ginseng, she maintains, also works well as a stimulant directly before love acts
Ginseng (appears like a human)

"Studies have shown an increase in the duration of erection. But taking
Korean ginseng on an ongoing basis will also increase testosterone
levels."It is referred to as Green Gold for the plants price.

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