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  • Dysgraphia
    An individual with dysgraphia has a difficult time with the physical task of forming letters and words using a pen and paper and has difficulty producing legible handwriting.


  • Dyscalculia
    A person with Dyscalculia has difficulty understanding and using math concepts and symbols.


  • Dyslexia
    An individual with dyslexia may mix up letters within words and sentences while reading. He may have difficulty spelling words correctly while writing. Letter reversals are common. Some individuals with dyslexia have a difficult time with navigating and route finding tasks as they are easily confused by directions and spatial information such as left and right.


  • Dyspraxia
    A person with dyspraxia may mix up words and sentences while talking. There is often a discrepancy between language comprehension and language production.


  • Non-verbal Learning Disorder
    Poor motor coordination, visual-spatial organization and/or a lack of social skills may characterize non-verbal learning disorders

Hope for learning disabilities: The brain can change

How does understanding the brain help a learning disorder?

Using a telephone analogy, faulty wiring in the brain disrupts normal lines of communication and makes it difficult to process information easily. If service was down in a certain area of the city, the phone company might fix the problem by re-wiring the connections.

Similarly, under the right learning conditions, the brain has the ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. These new connections facilitate skills like reading and writing that were difficult using the old connections.

Science has made great strides in understanding the inner workings of the brain, and one important discovery that brings new hope for learning disabilities and disorders is calledneuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity refers to the brainís natural, lifelong ability to change. Throughout life, the brain is able to form new connections and generate new brain cells in response to experience and learning.

This knowledge has led to groundbreaking new treatments for learning disabilities that take advantage of the brainís ability to change. Innovative programs, such as the Arrowsmith program, use strategic brain exercises to identify and strengthen weak cognitive areas. For example, for children who have difficulty distinguishing between different sounds in a word, there are new computer-based learning programs that slow down the sounds so that children can understand them and gradually increase their speed of comprehension.

These discoveries about neuroplasticity provide hope to all students with learning disorders, and further research may lead to additional new treatments that target the actual causes of learning disabilities, rather than simply offering coping strategies to compensate for weaknesses.

What Causes these Disabilities?

Learning disabilities are caused by Celiac disease, infections and vitamin deficiency leading to autoimmune disease against a particular group of cells in the brain resulting in the particular deficiency. If properly treated its is easily reversible. Please also read Pandas and autistic disorder.

What research is being done on treatment and what is working.

CIDPUSA is using electro pulse stimulators to help rewire the brain. We also use brain stimulants and behavior modification. The maximum benefit that we saw was from using COD Liver oil in all the patients.

Using cilantro to chelate chemicals and metals out of the body.

Chelation and remove chemicals helped majority and no side effects were seen. This worked after the vaccinations too.

Going to a gluten free diet has helped many children.

Another great therapy that is very simple and works is Cod Liver Oil just give the supplement everyday according to recommended dose and majority of children we have seen improvement