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19 Facts on IVIG.

Intra venous immune globulin

1. What is IVIG?

IVIg is a collection of antibodies called IgG or Immuno Globulin-G
IgG is a naturally made antibody by B cells in our body.IGg is a  Y-shaped protein used by the immune system to neutralize foreign objects like viruses and bacteria.
IVIg is formed by taking IgG antibodies from about 20,000 plasma donors and mixing them together. infusion of

2. How does IVIG work?

IVIg has proven effective in immune deficiency disorders, in all autoimmune conditions like CIDP, GBS, small fiber neuropathy. The sooner the patient gets IVIg the better the results. There is a window of opportunity usually within the first 18 months after the diagnosis. Treatment with IVIg within the window period is likely to halt the progress of the disease. Example is Kawasaki disease, once IVIg is used full recovery follows.
After being exposed to toxins and poisonous chemicals including carbon monoxide the body's immune system may mount a attack on the body. This autoimmune attack can be halted by any anti-inflammatory treatment including IVIg.

3. Time for IVIG to work?

After IVIg is infused patients may see a response in 24- 48 hours. Some patients will have to wait 3-4 weeks to see an effect. In a few no effect may be seen. If 4-5 cycles of IVIg do not show any response then increase the dose of IVIG, most people respond by increasing the dose, rarely the brand of IVIg will need to be changed to help the unresponsive patient. In some cases add intravenous steroids to see a responce.
Everyone is slightly different as it depends on how long has the disease process been going on. The sooner one treats it the disease the faster the response.

4. Why IVIG so expensive?

IVIg is obtained from plasma donors who are paid then the plasma is sent to a processing centers for mixing, antibody removal, chemical treatment and filtration to remove viruses. This is followed by the products to be freeze dried. All this ends up for IVIG to be priced at $ 80 to $ 90 a gram (cost price of IVIg). A single infusion of IVIg may cost about $3000 for a child to $10,000 for adults. For a child the cost is lower as a small IVIg dose is used. If you have insurance you will see the cost of infusion may go to 100,000.
The cost of IVIg in India & Pakistan $46 a gram, lower prices are found in China where the manufacturer will see IVIg for $10- a gram. This price has doubled in the last year. A pharmacy in Bangladesh Dhaka sells the cheapest IVIg 5 dollars a bottle of Baygam made in Germany. At we ordered and tested this IVIg was 100% authentic. (infusions were done in Dhaka testing in Lahore). FDA does not allow foreign IVIg into USA

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IgE, IgM, IgA, IgD are also present in IVIg. If a person is low is any of these immunoglobulin's after IVIg infusion their level will rise up. There is no way at present to make IVIg free of IgE, IgM, IgA, IgD .
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