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Autoimmune diseases are disorders in which immune system attacks its own tissue by antibodies (Self attack) called inflammation. Inflammation in Latin means, to set on fire Chronic inflammation is the fuel that flames the fire in diseases. We present simple ways to reduce risk. If you want to improve your health in five minutes read our diet page Just by using Vitamin-D one can improve immunity, this is free from the sunshine exposure. Just reduce stress in your life and improve health.

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Inflammation is the number one killer on Planet Earth. Our white cells attacking body organs. The attack triggered by infections, surgery, injury, inhalation of pollutants, vaccination or stress.

If disease has good & bad days, consider it to be a autoimmune disorder. If the disease started after pregnancy, surgery, car accidents, toxic exposure or living close to a dump, its autoimmune. The sooner you change your lifestyle the better the results. After the termination of pregnancy a increased autoimmune attack is seen & autoimmune inflammatory diseases are triggered after pregnancy including Vasculitis, depression & PTSD.

A trigger protein on the surface of a microbe or food example (gluten). infection will trigger a immune response that begins to attack a part of body.

Stress suppresses your immune functions and is the first step to trigger off autoimmune diseases. Prayer and trust in God will relive stress. If you do negative things that will contribute to stress. Read the diet page for more instructions.

P.T.S.D. (post traumatic stress disorder), depression, anxiety, O.C.D (obsessive compulsive disorder), PANDAS epilepsy (fits) are all immune mediated. Takayasu , SLE, kidney disease are all reversible in early stages.

Young women with undiagnosed problems please read about Dysautonomia or small fiber neuropathy that causes brain fog, low blood pressure, fatigue and pain. Inflammatory disorders are common in women. Do not think that hot flashes are due to hormone deficiency its all inflammation.

Below is a description of C.I.D.P, for other diseases see our disease section.

Tingling numbness in the toes can be Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. Diabetic patients and people with weakness in legs should think of CIDP.

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