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by:Whitaker, Julian, M.D.

THEORIES OF AGING There are three basic theories of aging: the telomere theory, the pineal gland theory, and the free radical theory. Thetelomere is a little cap on each chromosome. Each time the chromosomes divide and separate into two new cells, a little section of that cap is lost, and it continues to be reduced with each cell division. Once it is gone then the chromosome begins to fray at the ends and cannot divide.   We can increase our longevity through diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and hormone replacement such as DHEA and pregnenolone.

THE FREE RADICAL THEORY OF AGING proposes that the actual process of living causes deterioration in the body. When we burn nutrients in the presence of oxygen to produce energy, the by-products are carbon dioxide and water, and in this process, molecular particles called free radicals are produced. A free radical can be hydrogen peroxide or molecules that are produced by hydrogen peroxide interactions. These free radicals cause damage to the individual cell walls and particularly to the fats. When we burn something in the presence of oxygen, we produce free radicals.


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People with Down's Syndrome are born with an extra Chromosome 21. This produces characteristics of weakness, mental retardation and early death. Their life is shortened by about 25 to 30 years. When I was in medical school, I couldn't figure out why having three chromosomes wasn't better than two. What has been discovered is that the third chromosome overexpresses the gene that produces superoxide dismutase. Superoxide dismutase is one of the body's mechanisms to control free radicals and turn them into hydrogen peroxide which is also a free radical, but it is controlled by the glutathione system. The extra genes in Down's Syndrome which produce superoxide dismutase cause the production of 50% more hydrogen peroxide than in a normal individual. So people with Down's Syndrome are generating free radicals which are literally eating them up.  The blood levels of people with Down's Syndrome show excessive hydrogen peroxide and excessive damage from free radicals. Their vitamin C and vitamin A levels are characteristically low, so these children can't compensate for the overexpression of superoxide dismutase and several other products. Nutritional compensation with additional vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, and vitamin E is the treatment. Hydrogenated fats should be avoided because they create a lot of free radicals. Once they are treated, these children become normal. The Down's Syndrome Congress in Atlanta and the Down's Syndrome Association in Boston are claiming that there are no studies which prove this, but that is absolute nonsense.

LONGEVITY IS INCREASED BY USING ANTIOXIDENTS TO TREAT FREE RADICALS  However, the aging process is much more gentle than we had thought if you intervene in your aging process by taking antioxidants and nutritional supplements, replace some of the hormones that you are no longer producing, and have a healthy diet.

FREE RADICAL SCAVENGERS ARE KNOWN AS ANTIOXIDENTS The aqueous free radical scavengers are vitamin C, thiamine, glutathione and selenium. The fat soluble scavengers are beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin E.

VITAMIN AND MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS Some people may require three times as much B6 or B12 for optimal health. Each nutrient is involved in a whole host of mechanisms. B6 is involved in 300 biological mechanisms. Magnesium is involved in 350 biological processes. Therefore when you begin reducing nutrients, higher and higher percentages of people get ill. The treatment or prevention is to take nutritional elements in excess of what most people normally need by taking a vitamin and mineral supplement. This will ensure that your individual variable requirements are met. I have seen dramatic improvement when people increase their intake of water soluble vitamins and anti-oxidant nutrients. We have protocols and documentation that heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes can all be improved by taking supplements. How does this happen? We are probably extremely nutritional deprived by the foods of industry that are stripped of minerals and vitamins.


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CIDP is diverse , it has been recently reported to involve cranial nerves, CNS and thus makeing guidelines and trying to fit this condition within them is not a easy task.