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Hizb AL -Bahr

Prayer of the Sea


1.Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim.
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful.

2.Allahumma, Ya Aliyyu, Ya Adhimu,Ya Halimu, Ya Alim.
Oh Allah, Oh Most High, Oh Exalted, Oh Gentle, Oh All Knowing.

3.Anta Rabbi wa Ilmuka Hasbi.
You are my Sustainer and Your Knowledge is my Sufficiency.

4.Fa Nima Rabbu Rabbi wa Nimal Hasbu Hasbi.
How excellent a Sustainer is my Sustainer, How excellent a Sufficer is my Sufficer.

5.Tansuru Man Tashu wa anta al Azizur Rahim.
You aid whom you chse and You are The All Powerful, The Mercy Bestowing.

6.Nasalukal ismata fil harakti was sakanti wal kalimati wal irdti wal khatart.
We beseech Your protection in our movements and our stillness, in our words, in our desires, and our thoughts.

7.Minash-shukki wadh-dhunni wal awhmis stirati lil qulbi an mutlaatil ghybi.
From the dougts and the suspicions and the illusions that veil our hearts from the perceptions of the Unsin.

8.Fa qad ubtuliyal muminna wa zulzilzilzlan shadid.
And truly have the believers bin tested and shaken, shaken severely (33:11)

9.Wa idh yaqlul minfiqna wal ladhina fi qulbihim maradun mwaadan-llahu wa Rasluhu illa ghurr.
And if the hypocrites and those with doubting hearts say: Allah and His Messenger did not promise us other than delusion. (33:12)

10.Fa thabbitnwansurnwa sakh-khir lanhadhl Bahr.
Firmly rt us and support us and subjugate to us this Sea.

11.Kamsakh-khartal Bahra li Ms.
As You subjugated the Sea to (Prophet) Moses (Syedna Musa; peace be upon him).

12.Wa sakh-khartan Nar li Ibrahim.
And You subjugated the Fire to (Prophet) Abraham (Syedna Ibrahim; peace be upon him).

13.Wa sakh-khartal jibla wal hadida li Dwda.

And You subjugated the Mountains and the Iron to (Prophet) David Sidna Dawud; peace be upon him).

14.Wa sakh-khartar riha wash shaytina wal jinna li Sulaymn.
Wind and the Demons and the Jinns to (Prophet) Solomon (Sidna Sulayman; peace be upon him).

15.Wa sakh-khartath thaqalina li Mohammedin alayhi salti was salm.
And You subjugated the Humans and the Jinns to (the Holy Prophet) Sidna Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him).

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