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People have long used the dinner date as a prelude to seduction but
Kamhi says the reason why some meals end badly and others in the bedroom all comes down to the menu. She instructs all cooks to light candles then serve a smoothie made of vanilla (the smell is an aphrodisiac), soya milk (for the phytoestrogens) and banana (potassium for sex drive) aced with 30 drops of liquid extract yohimbe, damiana and ginseng. Follow with oysters on the half shell and asparagus (for its phallic overtones). Dessert should be limited to chocolate which, as all good chocoholics know, can stimulate the production of endorphins -feel-good chemicals.

Then, once in the bedroom with your hormones racing, Kamhi advises you spend five to ten minutes doing yoga before hitting the sheets. She is not joking: "Studies have shown that certain yoga postures can be powerful before sex. For men, a shoulder stand drains blood out of the lower body and releases stagnation in the genitals. For women, the butterfly pose (see panel) directs energy to the genitals and opens up the area often blocked by emotional issues."

I delicately ask Kamhi, whose boyfriend is 59, how much of her own
advice they have taken as a couple. She is more than happy to talk about her sex life, brag actually. "We have tried everything I recommend in the book. We did the yoga positions, took the herbs and ate the foods, and I have to say, we had great sex!"

she shrieks.

"My boyfriend said the yohimbe worked as well as Viagra, and taking
damiana, I could definitely feel a difference. I'm telling you, the best
night of sex you will ever have is waiting for you at the health food

The Natural Guide to Great Sex: Improve your Love Life with Nature's
Alternatives to HRT and Viagra,  People with chronic medical conditions, suchas high blood pressure, or those using prescription medications should
consult a doctor before using any herbs for sexual health.


Butterfly pose: this sitting stretch focuses on the inner thighs and
opens the genitals, heightening the sensitivity of this area.

1 Sit up straight on the floor.

2 Breathe deeply. Using your hands, hold the soles of your feet
together, and pull heels to within 12cm of your body.

3 Gently bounce knees up and down, 2-4cm, for two or three minutes.


Use liquid extracts of the following, which are available in most health
food stores:

Ginseng, ginger, oat, damiana, muira puama, passionflower.

Combine 20 drops of each extract in one-quarter cup of warm water. You
can add one half-ounce of Amaretto or some other flavored liqueur.


1 fennel bunch, thinly sliced stalks and bulb

1 orange, sliced into wedges (skin removed)

1 whole pomegranate

20 pine nuts

15 mint leaves

In a medium-size salad bowl, combine cut-up fennel and orange slices.
Scoop all the flesh out of the pomegranate and mix with the fennel and orange slices.

Sprinkle the pine nuts and mint leaves on top of the mixture. Serve
within one hour of preparation.

(You'll need an extra bowl to spit out the pomegranate seeds after
sucking off the red flesh.)