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Risks Of Dyeing Your Hair, Why Chemicals are Harmful

The number of synthetic and chemical ingredients that go into hair and skin care products is enormous. The scary part is most of the chemicals have never been tested for human safety and you are dumb enough to use them, and you are getting acne, thin hair, skin spots, and premature ageing. Mens skin looks good because they do not use makeup.

Often it is observed that colorful hair speaks more about beauty. Now it becomes a trend and people are dyeing their hair to make the hair colorful and different.

Dyeing hair with natural products is beneficial for health while the same with dyeing chemicals are harmful.

Researches have found that dyeing hair with chemicals can be the cause of cancer.

What is hair dyer?

Hair dyer is a soluble chemical product that is used for staining as well as coloring hair. There are two types of hair dyer available in the market. It is said that hair dyer made of natural ingredients are less hypoallergenic than those, which are made of chemicals. Therefore, think twice before buying a hair dyer from the market.

Lead is a high toxic metallic element and very harmful for human body. In the chemical and paint industry lead is used in the production system. Lead acetate is used in most leading hair dyers. This lead acetate is very harmful for any internal use and that is why "Caution" or "Warning" label is written on the packet of hair dyeing product.

How hair dyers affect your health?

Scalp is the most sensitive part of the human body. Since the base of hair is the scalp, therefore, you may have the risk of allergic reaction. Scalp is a part, where the blood supply of our body is high. Most hair dyers have carcinogenic components and we people, who are using these chemicals for coloring our hair, are at high risk.

Hair dyers made of natural ingredients may cause allergic reactions too. It is found that women have sensitive skin than men and women use hair dyer more frequently them men. You may even get terrific allergic reaction by using hair dyers that are using less natural ingredients. It is always safe to apply any hair dyer under medical supervision.

Use hair dyer with great care

While dyeing your hair it is important to take some necessary safety measures. You can follow them even when you are applying dyer on your hair at home.
* It is better to apply hair dyer for a few minutes. The time that is necessary to leave your hair with dyer is sufficient to dye your hair. If you leave your hair with dyer, longer than the necessary time period then you may get some skin problems.
* Don"t forget to wear gloves while applying dyer on the hair. This will protect the skin of your hands.
* After applying hair dyer it is important to wash your hair with water. Gently move your fingers on the scalp and remove dyers from there.
* Hair dyers are made of chemicals. If you mix different hair dyers then there may exist the possibility of chemical reaction. So, it is not a good idea to mix different hair dyers at the same time.
* Finally, all the packets of hair dyers carry "Caution" label and the directions of applying dyer on the hair. Try to follow the directions very carefully and it is better if you apply these hair dyers under medical supervision. This will lower the risk of allergic reactions.

Dyeing your hair may cause Cancer

Researches and studies are going on regarding this issue and the outcome is quite interesting. Some health professionals are saying that frequent use of hair dyers may increase the risk of having cancer. Not only the person who is applying hair dyer on his/her hair, but hair professionals or hair stylists are also at the risk.

According to the research work, it is found that the risk of having cancer is more among hair professionals than normal people. Scientists are also researching on the issue of correlation between use of hair dyer and getting breast cancer. Due to high exposure of chemicals, female hair stylists/professionals are getting affected by breast cancer.

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