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The kidneys are a vital part of the body. Their main job is to remove waste products from the blood, which are passed out of the body in urine. There are about a million tiny filters in each kidney called glomeruli. If these filtering units get inflamed (swollen) this is called glomerulonephritis. It means the kidneys are unable to work properly. Salt and excess fluid can build up, leading to complications such as high blood pressure and possibly kidney failure.

There are several types of glomerulonephritis; some are more serious and long-term than others. Glomerulonephritis may be short-lived (acute) and need minimal treatment. It may be present for many years without causing trouble, or it can develop into a long-term (chronic) condition. All the diseases causingglomerulonephritis are autoimmune and the sooner they are treated the better the outcome. Below are articles describing the use of IVIg in reversing this kideny disease, however for alternertive treatments read the Flame within E-Book above. Also described in the end of this page.

Glomerulonephritis often follows an infection such as an infection of the throat (pharyngitis). This is a smoking gun proof that a autoimmune attack is involved in the disease, thus earlier use of antibiotics and short term steroid should also help and alternatives will be omega-3 fatty acids.

There are other conditions that cause glomerulonephritis and swelling in the kidneys such as infection, tumour growth, or disease within the kidney from long-term use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as aspirin. Thus again we should not be using such OTC drugs in their place omega-3 fatty acids and Turmeric provide natural anti-inflammatory effects.

Glomerulonephritis is more common in men than women. It often affects children and young people, specially children who are exposed to neprotoxic drugs like streptomycin, kanamycine and statins which cause Rhabdomyolysis and thus damage the kidney. I have seen top level health care facilities use life saving drugs to cause kidney failure and death and not realize their mistake. People are too busy on twitter, facebook and texting and have very little key time for the patient who is the target of their inattentive care.



There are several types of glomerulonephritis. If it has been caused by an infection, the early symptoms may include a sore throat. Inflammation in the kidneys may not be obvious at first. Symptoms of kidney damage can come on suddenly or appear up to three weeks after infection.

As a result of damage to the kidneys, glomerulonephritis can cause:

  • swollen ankles,
  • a puffy face, 
  • problems breathing,
  • pale skin,
  • headaches,
  • visual problems,
  • fever,
  • loss of appetite and
  • vomiting.

In addition, there may be small amounts of blood in the urine and it may be cloudy. The normal urine output for an adult is between 0.8 and 2.5 litres per day. This can vary according to a number of factors such as how much you exercise and how hot or cold you are. In severe cases of glomerulonephritis, some people find that they do not urinate at all for 2-3 days. Once they are able to urinate again, there may still be blood and protein in the urine.

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