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   treatment of all diseases Flame within E-book. 

                            This study on 10 million people done over 2 years shows that avoiding vaccination caused no Harm.

 Improve your immune functions skip vaccination


Vaccination no longer makes any sense. Or did it ever? The much-acclaimed benefits of the latest vaccine against Hib meningitis also seem to be unfounded. In a pro-vaccine study published in 1993 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the children in the control group who didn't receive the vaccine also experienced a drastic reduction in the cases of Hib infection - from 99.3 to 68.5 per 100,000.
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The latest problem arising from the use of vaccines is that they can cause the body to develop viral "mutants" and even spread the newly created disease to the population at large. Since viral mutants are rarely detected in blood donor screening, they can easily be transmitted through donated blood

 If you stop one disease many others will follow with a vengeance .  Children who do not get a Hpylori infection in early life will develop asthma, alzheimers, skin diseases.  If you do develop Hplori then you  have less  risk of diseases in later life.

"What this study suggests is that, particularly in the very elderly, the risks of  no vaccine helps
Professor P Roth

Take the case of 2009 & 2010 Hajj (pilgrimage) of Muslims where about 6-10 million people from all over the world converge to Makkah.  These are usually poor people, generally old and in poor health. In Makkah they are kept in relatively congested living conditions where 4 or more people are sharing a room.

In both 2009-2010 not a single pilgrim was given H1N1 flu vaccine. All the pilgrims have to kiss a stone called Hajar Aswad (the Black Stone. This is done by  thousands of people kissing the same stone and there is no cleaning as people are rushing one after the other for a kiss lasting a few seconds. Is this not amazing that by exchanging their salvia not a single case of H1N1 was detected and there was not a single death. In the camping grounds of Mina more then a hundred people share a tent and hundreds are sleeping on pavements bathroom facilities are are inadequate for the millions, garbage cans are full laying all along the roads and again no infection was seen. All thanks is for God Almighty.

Many world authorities had predicted that hundreds of thousands will die all thanks to God all Almighty not a single death among the millions of people from all over the world, among them mostly poor, elderly frail who were kept in unhygienic conditions by Saudi authorities . The Saudi Hajj ministry made a refund to some of the Pakistani Hajjis but the emotional damage was done.

This is the largest study in the world that shows people can live without vaccination. Done on 10 million people.

Below is the picture of people going around the Kaba the house of God. This House is a cubical building the door is made of 300 Kg of Gold and is covered by a black cloth with embroidery of Gold.

 Millions go around the Kaba (House of God) Built by Abraham


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