Electropolation diseases

 With this technique  small electrical waves in various frequency are used to increase the absorption of drugs.  If a injury or surgery will take two months to heal then electropolation reduces that period to weeks. In many cases patients have recovered within one hour of use from severe injuries like swollen hands, hairline fractures, sports injuries. Eliminate the AIDS,  Hepatitis and TB in a month. (This was tested and proven). Treat Dengue Virus while others advise bed rest.

A case of ruptured ear drum

Use micro electrical currents from a DC source and then resonate the electrical pulses at various frequencies. From the speed of recovery we have seen that botched ear surgery accompanied by infection have improved in two weeks. This particular patient had developed conductive deafness after a eager ear surgeon operated on the tympanic membrane which was infected and had a large perforation. He had E.coli confirmed by culture studies and were resistant to antibiotic treatment for a year. The patient was unable to hold a job due to constant tinnitus and pressure in the right ear, Within 15 days of frequency treatment accompanied by alternate day antibiotic has resolved almost 50% of the problems in this man.

In patients with chronic joint problems who take non steroidal treatment and yet see no benefit, all that we do is add the electropolation technique and we see a result in 20-30 minutes with the  patients pain disappearing. With the treatment the patient can go to alternate day drug treatment.

A case of Parkinsonism

We have tried the technique in various diseases. Lets take Parkinsonism, in this patient he was unable to walk due to a extreme flexed posture of his spine. His Parkinsonism had started following a knee transplant. For treatment he had seen many neurologist and also traveled to USA with no benefits. Another neurologist had diagnosed him as Parkinson Plus. So sinemet was not helpful at all. We took the challenge and changed him to a anti-inflammatory diet. Then we added electrical frequency and antibiotic protocol. We saw him six months later and the Parkinsonism had improved. He did not have a flexed posture.

A case of a Hair line fracture

We used the solo electrical treatment on this patient who came with a very painful wrist. He had slipped and fallen on a polished marble. The pain was intense but with simple dc current which was being delivered at specific frequency we saw a turn around in 30 minutes.

A case of painful knees

 This woman came from a remote village with locked knees and severe immobility, a few days of electrical treatment and she was waling independently.

A case of meningitis

 MENINGITIS is a serious disease, the particular case was seen with a positive nuchal rigidity (neck stiffness), fever, swelling of the scalp. He was treated with antibiotics and the electrical frequency. Within a hour the scalp swelling diminished and the headache and neck pain resolved.

Multiple patients with fever.

Just by using frequency treatment we have been able to bring down fever in many patients.

 Currently these devices are sold all over the world we just provide information please see our electrical section for more details and our e-book has complete information.

 A patient with blindness:

A blind man a pharmacist with diabetic retinopathy , was treated and in one week he is driving again.

 A patient with Goiter:

The goiter resolved with treatment during his visit.

 Many cases of EPILEPSY:

They are doing well and have no problems. Less medication and still no seizures. Just use a simple unit at home and better absorption of drugs. Is your child taking more then one medicine and has out of control seizures call us.

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