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  • Welcome to the Autoimmune E Book page  for CIDPUSA.  ( In a month we will have a natural cancer prevention and cure book available)

    Thanks for the purchase,  to download book click here.

                                              to download book click here.

    All antibiotics below should be started at 50mg a day as a test dose to see if you can tolerate the medicine. If you get mild side effects then just keep taking the lower dose. Increase the dose when the side effects become less.

    CIDPUSA has found Cipro or Ciprofloxcallin to be very effective in painful CIDP, Ulcerative colitis, IBS. ( dose 500MG twice a day) take for 2 weeks,  then one 500 mg  twice a day for a week , then one one Monday, Wednesday , Friday for 3-4 weeks. (depending upon your symptoms).

    For autoimmune diseases, in general (CIDP, GBS, MS, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, asthma, Takayasu ) we use Vibramycine or Doxycycline 100mg daily for two weeks. Then 100mg Monday, Wednesday and Friday for three months or as needed.

     Need to take yogurt as a probiotic daily.

    In MS - asthma,  AZITHROMYCINE can be added to the above protocol at 500mg daily on Saturday and Monday for 8 weeks.

    Vitamin D supplements of Cod Liver Oil take a tea spoon or a capsule daily until you feel like some pimples are coming out of the face then reduce the dose to once tea spoon every third day. (HIGHER Dose of cod liver oil for northern countries like UK, CANADA

      Omega -3 oils (Flax seed oil, Fish oil or Cod Liver Oil)   are of benefit for the prevention and treatment of all autoimmune diseases if used daily   Fish oil in USA BEST PRICE at Cosco, Brand name, Nature Ways- Omega -3 at $12 for 300 capsules 1200mg each. Need to take minimum 2-3 capsules daily.

     Does your kid have PANDAS then a course of Biaxin, or Zitromax or ampicillin , REDUCE the dose and in long  term even 50 mg once a week is enough to control symptoms.

    The new autoimmune  disease is Celiac, if you have upset stomach , CONSTIPATION stomach, gas and weakness try going off  whole wheat bread. Can use white bread,    corn bread is best. Fruits Vegetables and dairy are all OK. No grain allowed. Vibramycine is effective in reducing inflammation along with the omega-3.

    If you have fibers coming out of your hands and arms then try the Vibramycine and also contact us we have cured Morgellons.

    Use non Fluoride natural Toothpaste, No MSG in your food. No PTFE (Teflon) coated PANS or clothing. Stay away from pesticide smell in store and farms.    No cola drinks, no readymade fruit juices (all have chemicals). No processed foods, less meats. More Vegetables & Fruits.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid cooking.

    Use Green tea in place of coffee. Increase water intake, mild exercise. Use Brown rice, Brown Sugar and Multigrain Bread.

    Use vitamin C or lots of Citrus fruits (lime lemon grapefruit)

    Honey is a must have, put a drop in each eye it will burn but will get rid of red eyes and tearing.

    Do not suppress emotions, but need to control anger, promote love, suppress hatred.                                                                                                                                      Help people and pray. Sleep early and wake up early in the morning. Stay positive.

    Do not stress about things, it does not help, don't think negatively always look at the brighter side, positive thinking all the time.

    Use Clay Baths (Bentonite) for chelating to remove toxins. No Soaps at All. Don't carry chemical cleaners wet pads.

    Nuts, dried fruits are the best snacks. Don't buy cookies, chips and related Garbage.

    I would avoid Flu vaccine, Pneumovax and Tetnus shot. Flu is much healthier for my body. If you get Flu symptoms boil and drink a tea of Ginger. Eat Garlic, onion or cinnamon and Honey.

    Dont cook foods eat fruits and vegetables raw in salads.  If they raise the price start drinking water. Let them suffer!

    If your teeth are yellow, use olive oil one teaspoon in your mouth and then swish the oil for 10- 15 minutes, then spit the oil, within a week your teeth will turn pearly white. Follow it up with a brushing of your teeth with baking soda.

    Breast massage page No to mammogram best exam for breast cancer is self exam and the cancer feels like a rock. No tight bras.  Drain the Lymph from your breast and prevent cancer.

    Curcumin (the yellow spice from India) will control inflammation and reduce cholesterol taken at one tea spoon twice daily is available at Indian Food stores.

    Dont use soap, use clay instead. (We find yellow clay the best also give the hair a yellow color, natural sun tan protection.

    PS: If you do not find an answer to what you are looking for in the Book please contact us for the latest advice.

    CIDPUSA & Nanotech

    Serving people all over planet Earth.