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How to improve your personality,  Win Friends & Influence People

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14 Techniques to improve relationships

    Don't Grow Old - Grow Up!

    The first step toward maturity - Responsibility

    1. Don't kick the Chair. Be willing to account for yourself; don't blame others.
    2. Damn the Handicaps! - Full Speed Ahead. Don't make a handicap an excuse for failure.
    3. Five Ways to Ditch Disaster:
      1. Accept the inevitable; give time a chance.
      2. Take action against trouble.
      3. Concentrate on helping others.
      4. Use all of life while you have it.
      5. Count your blessings.

Action is for adults

  1. Belief is the Basis for Action. Know what you believe and act accordingly.
  2. Analyze Before You Act.
  3. Two Wonderful Words that Changed a Life. When the time for action arrives, don't hesitate. Those who wait LOSE! A stitch in time saves 9. Strike while the iron is HOT!

Three great rules for mental health: Know yourself, Like yourself, Be yourself

  1. There's Only One Like You Learn to know yourself by:
    1. Cultivating moments of solitude.
    2. Breaking through the habit barrier.
    3. Developing excitement and enthusiasm.
  2. Conformity: Refuge of the Frightened. Be yourself by developing your own convictions and standards; then have the courage to live with them.
  3. Why is a Bore? Develop inner resources to avoid boring yourself and others.
  4. The Maturing Mind: Adventure in Adult Living. Develop your mind through intellectual activity.

Marriage is for grownups

  1. How to Get Along with Women. Here are seven ways:
    1. Give her appreciation. Smile!
    2. Be generous and considerate. Praise!
    3. Keep yourself attractive.
    4. Understand a woman's work. Home, Grocery, cooking, children....
    5. Be dependable.
    6. Share her interests. TV shows , movies!
    7. Love her.
  2. Father Come Home. Children need fathers too. Smile , be generous!
  1. How to Get Along with Men. Here are seven ways:
    1. Be good-natured.
    2. Be a good companion.
    3. Be a good listener.
    4. Be adaptable.
    5. Be efficient, not officious.
    6. Be yourself.
    7. Be glad you're a woman.
  2. The Rediscovery of Love. We must develop a more mature concept of love. Love is a attraction, a dependance. The vision that brings Joy.

Maturity and making friends

  1. Loneliness: The Great American Disease.
  2. People are Wonderful. Learn to appreciate them.
  3. Why Should People Like You? They will like you if you like them and develop qualities of warmth that attract others.

How old are you?

  1. If You're Afraid of Growing Old, Read This. Learn some of the facts about aging.
  2. How to Live to be 100 and Like it. To live longer, develop attitudes that promote health of mind. No stress , no worry.
  3. Don't Let the Rocking Chair Get You. Work as long as you can.

Maturity of spirit

  1. The Court of Last Appeal. When all else fails, try God.
  2. The Food of the Spirit. Our spirit is nourished through prayer.

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The omega 3 fatty acids lower triglycerides and, at high levels, lower cholesterol. The anti-aggregatory, anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory properties of omega 3 fatty acids have been confirmed, and a dose-response curve is emerging. Despite the increase in bleeding time, no clinical evidence of bleeding has been noted by the investigators in any of the studies.

Clinical trials are necessary in order to precisely define the dose and mechanisms involved in defining the essentiality of omega 3 fatty acids in growth and development and their beneficial effects in coronary heart disease, hypertension, inflammation, arthritis, psoriasis, other autoimmune disorders, and cancer.