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Evil Eye

Overcome a Hex spell

Complete detail and explanation on EVIL EYE

Any symptom can be caused by Evil Eye. Evil Eye can also cause death, sudden accidents. To remove Evil Eye one has to pray. Also call upon God and repeat his names. Another way to spray your bed chairs and room with water, while repeating "Kun Fiyya Kun" . You repeat the words after every spray of water.

Water removes Evil curses, you will feel the symptoms go away.

Read more about Evil Eye below.

Page desribes how spells happen and their removal.



The Evil eye is simply done without any knowledge of magic. If a persony looks at something with a envious eye that thing is doomed. Thus Jealousy, hate envy are major sins.



Avoid Jealousy Envy

Simple way to avoid envy and jealousy is keep your gaze low, and if by chance you see a beautiful object or person say -MaShahAllah- or the best words are

Say,Whatever God wills - we do not have any strength except with the help of Godí his is what GOD has given me (Maa Shaa Allah). No one possesses power except GOD (La Quwwata Ellaa Billaah).'

Important words

If you look at your beautfiul family, your possessions, your own face in the mirror say the words his is what GOD has given me (Maa Shaa Allah). No one possesses power except GOD (La Quwwata Eillaaha Billaaha).'

Not useing the words may bring the Evil Eye curse upon you.



Evil eye description

There is a knowledge gap in modern medicine that they do not think about these spirtual illness. People are ignorant that medical problems due to these conditions can ruin their life career, and make one miserable.
 A beautiful woman not able to get married, a girl who is sick all the time. Bad luck all the time. Arguments between family. Having a scary feelings at night. Another young man had visions of snake over him at night. All these are the result of evil eye.. see the Jinn possession page Any of these two links need to be read to see how this spritual phenomena comes into play. Jinn and Magic.

If you stare at any person even while driving they will look back at you. There is no medical explanation for this.

When we stare our brain transmits a signal to the person we are staring and also transmits our location. The will immediately look back towards you . The particular transmission involves the guardian Angel. Similarly if you look at any one with jealously then you can harm that person or thing can even be a car.† The person can become sick , the car can have a accident.The reason for the evil eye is mostly because of envy (envy is to wish for the prevention of bounty for another person, even though the envier doesn't wish for this bounty). The reality of envy is the result of hatred, jealousy†and malice, which is the result of unwarranted and irrational anger.†

†Evil eye is processed by the accompaning Devil of the human.

The evil eye is like an arrow or spear that leaves the soul of the envier and goes to the person that is envied. It afflicts the person envied at times and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't afflict him, it is because of the protective methods he uses.