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C.I.D.P. information

CIDP responds to prednisone the side effects of this medication have to be considered for long term use. Oral prednisone takes about 30 days to show an effect . Intravenous pulse steroids reachthe efficacy of IVIg. Do not use for more than 2 weeks,

Can CIDP be cured?Yes, cure of CIDP has been done many times. The first report of CIDP cure was reported after a tonsillectomy, currently the Government (NIH) is investigating if stem cell transplant will cure CIDP. Jennifer who is the first stem cell transplant patientin USA is described in story number three.

If you have the first attack of sensory polyneuropathy please rule out cancer.

PostPolio syndrome benefits from CIDP treatments, as post polio actually has demylination. Currently there are case reports that IVIg has even helped patients with C.M.T disease, lumbar and brachial neuritis (weak thighs and weak arms cannot comb your hair or cannot get out of a chair), transverse Myelitis (both the legs are weak & stiff). Diabetic Amyotrophy (weak legs in a diabetic) is considered to be a vasculitis(inflammation) and is responsive to immune treatments as reported in ten different studies

Charcot Marie Tooth disease, CMT the legs look like inverted wine bottles or stork legs)

Hippocrates said, the human body should be treated as a whole and not in parts, as is being routinely done. The CIDP autoimmune clinic works on the Hippocratic principal. We offer treatment to help the whole body.

Avicenna (Ibn Cenna),in his encyclopedia of medicine wrote, "it is best for the patient that the cause of their disease be treated". Narcotics cause immune suppression. Any sick patient will be depressed, one needs to treat the disease not the symptoms. Once the disease is treated, then depression and pain will go away. In postpartum PTSD & depression treat the inflammation rather then give a serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

President Franklin D Roosevelt President J.F. Kennedy (medical (click to see medical history)

President Regan,had chest cancer and did not get any treatment in USA, alternative treatments fully recovered him from the cancer.

diet section. Help yourself and read We are all suffering due to pollution and a poor diet. We need to detoxify. All the above info is taken from research literature available at the National Library of Medicine in Washington DC. If you have a autoimmune disorder then avoid Vaccination! If you have IgG sub-class deficiency frequent allergies, infections & fatigue) then stay away from tetanus and flu shots. Do not vaccinate or give vaccination drops to sick children.

A progressive pain reversed instantly, read the story in our story page. (story 25)Avoid Flu Vaccines they trigger autoimmune diseases.

Higher incidence of autoimmune disease seen in colder climates. Northern half of USA has a higher incidence and much lower in Florida. Studies show that vitamin-D levels have some relationship. Please take supplements of Vitamin-D daily to prevent all diseases andcancer.

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