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Nonessential Micronutrient  Link to chromium deficiency

Chromium Summary

Regardless of its history as a highly touted "fat-loss agent," chromium's recently been favored by the scientific community for its impressive role in proper carbohydrate metabolism and its potential to help keep blood sugar levels -in check. Nearly one-quarter of Americans experience the effects of chromium deficiency, which result in low blood sugar or insulin resistance, and have experienced the unwanted feelings of anxiety, physical fatigue, and mental lethargy that come with it. Deficiencies of this vital mineral have become the center of attention for contributing factors to such epidemics as insulin resistance (diabetes), obesity, and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Where to find Chromium

Brewer's yeast has the highest concentration of all foods. Chromium can also be found in whole-wheat grains, apples, bananas, spinach (although vegetables provide little, if any, chromium), mushrooms, and most meats.

Why athletes use Chromium

Body processes and basically life itself rely on our ability to supply energy to our cells. Chromium helps us perform this complex process, called metabolism, much more efficiently. This popular nutrient may not be the miracle fat-loss nutrient some proclaim; nonetheless, it is critical to the proper functioning of insulin in our bodies and may benefit anyone who wants to keep their blood sugar and hormone levels "in check" -which does aid in helping to maintain and/or improve bodyweight.

Ways that Chromium can enhance :


Signs of Chromium deficiency

Although daily dietary intake requirements are approximately 50 to 200 mcg, rarely (if ever) can our foods provide us with this amount. Because of this, it is reported that nearly all of the U.S. population is at least marginally chromium deficient and should therefore be supplementing with additional chromium.

Deficiency of Chromium has been linked to:

Potential uses for Chromium

Research indicates that Chromium may also be useful in the treatment of:

Herpes resistance

More about Chromium

Chromium is plays an important role in our bodies' normal carbohydrate metabolism - a process of converting the foods we eat into sugars. Chromium aids insulin, a natural hormone that's released in response to eating carbohydrates.

In the past year, it's been noted that nearly 25 million Americans may be marginally deficient in chromium, which could be a leading contributor to the recent development of the insulin-resistance (diabetes), obesity, and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) epidemic that's plaguing the U.S.

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