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At Nanotech Lahore we offer recovery from cancer . Nanotech uses low cost at home cancer treatment.  مکمل علاج    کینسر کم لاگت میں اپ کا گھر

We can treat patients remotely they do not have to come to the clinic. Pay us by paypal or

Dr Imran Khan Fellow Royal Postgraduate medical school London and Fellow National Institutes of Health (NIH) USA.

Patient told by Shakut Khanum that they could not recover have recovered at our facility.

We treat all cancers for help contact us by email, telephone .

We will help you by diet management, clinical electro magnetic therapy and help the condition in a few , months .  Allah has made shifa for all ailments.

When I was working at NIH (National Institutes of Health, Bethesda) in 1989 a case was presented who had grade -3 metastases of melanoma. The cancer was growing all over the face. The case was treated without immunotherapy, without surgery or radiation and a complete cure was achieved. This Miracle case was presented in the NIH grand rounds but was never published.

Nanotech Lahore uses the same technique in treating cancer. We will provide the protocol to any person in need .

An example of a case in Lahore.

This case was treated by our Nanopulser at his home, the patient has carcinoma of trachea, lungs and face.

Without chemo, surgery or radiation the patient is did  well and recoved at home untill his sons changed the treatment.

Another case of Carcinoma of prostate was informed by Shakut Khanum Hospital that no treatment was possible. How ever by day two at our clinic the patient had fully recovered, his son a doctor asked us what had we used to reverse  his condition. He was given a pulser with vitamin -D and vibramycine. So simple a treatment and reversal of the prostate cancer. We have treated many advanced prostate cancer patients this way.


The treatment is very low cost  treatment provided at your home. Total expense will be less than Rs 1,000 Nanotech Lahore treatment is based upon payment, some free advice will be given. =

Cancer of Liver patient recovered at home. Usually hepatitis-c infection will lead to cancer so basically treatment of Hepatitis -c will reverse this condition.

God  has given the knowledge and  its available for anyone in need. . please see

Many scientist have reversed cancer including Robert Beck, Hulda Clark and  follow their protocol we will make available the these electronic pulser units as rentals to be used at home.

People should stop drinking cola as its acidic. Start using lemon water even though its a mild acid it has vitamin -C which helps produce Hydrogen peroxide in the body and leads to killing the cancer cells.Telemedicine helping cancer from India, Pakistan and all over the world, low cost- cost effective.

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